Chess Eliminators Academy

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10 Oca 2021
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peshka.pngAhoy Mate, welcome to Chess Eliminators Academy!   We are charting a course to chess paradise and I the captain, along with my crew, personally and warmly invite you to partake in our exploits as we sail into excellence!

chesspawn.png Our club owner @Papa12341234 just earned his third IM norm in France and is now an International Master.  Follow him on Twitter here:

live.pngPlay our Live Tournaments, daily.pngDaily Matches and votechess.pngVote Chess!

coaches.pngLearn from our top experienced coaches & masters who share free blogs to the club and offer coaching lessons at discounted pricesthumbup.png

videos.pngWatch free YouTube chess lessons from NM @ChessFighter1975.

blogs.pngRead knowledgeable articles and posts made weekly by our Club Bloggers and Instructors who try their hardest to help our members improve at chess

tournaments.pngWe offer Seasonal Championships, a Private yearly league and gold.pngmembership tournaments once every 3-4 months

devices.pngPlay our fun Daily or every 2 days Kahoot Trivia's with the club and see if you can top the leaderboard

tactics.pngSolve our Weekly Puzzles and grin.pngchallenging riddles and enjoy our MEMES!