Classic Chess

23 Üye
2 Eki 2023
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Welcome to Classic Chess! As you can see, we're a new club. The aim is to build a community of chess players. Enjoy Club Matches, Arenas, Swiss Tournaments and much more! Meet other international players in the club and make new friends with similar interests. Classic Chess is the place to have a cordial conversation with friends in an atmosphere of tranquillity and enjoy this great game.

We plan to organise:

  • Club Matches - Two clubs compete. Each player faces the same opponent in two correspondence games.
  • Club Tournaments - Club members compete in a series of round robins until a winner is decided.
  • Club Arena - Open to club members only. There are no rounds. Players may pair again immediately after each game.
  • Multi-Club Arena - The club whose players earn the most points wins.
  • Live Swiss Tournaments - Open to club members only. All games start simultaneously at the beginning of the round.
  • Vote Chess -  A game played by multiple players on different sides, where each player casts a vote to try and determine the final move.