Cool Cookie Chess Club

205 Üye
23 Ara 2023
36 Etkinlik Oynandı

This is a social club for you to invite you friends, in a chill, relaxed and friendly environment where you can play chess and interact with a bunch of friendly people! 😁✌️

Feel free to chat, socialize, meet new people and make some more friends, in this sweet cookie club! Feel free to help yourselves to the cookies, and hot chocolate if it is Winter! Once you dive into the abyss of cookies, you won't regret the sweet moments of friendship it promises, so join if you are a cool cookie too! 🍪☕

Our motto: "Every member counts towards the cookies in the jar, so your presence in this club is valued and helps the club grow!" - Every person is valued and valued in this club, so I would appreciate it if you consider joining us on our sweet journey! 😉👍

~ @Gingerbread-cookie, Owner of the Club 🍪