Insane Lettuce Monkeys

21 Nis 2008
Sep 7, 2021
Mr John Canoe (Mr IC3) RACE CODE CHESS CLUB 1 Speakers’ Corner, Free Speech Area, Hyde Park, Marble Arch, London W2 2EU
Apr 20, 2014
It is's loss that he left, not his. I will be leaving this group now, I simply hate belonging to a lot of groups. Already have too much. But before I go, I wish you all well and best wishes to lukeyboy, too. It has been a most rewarding experience visiting.
Apr 20, 2014
That's too bad, Calum, because even if he didn't play chess, he would still have been one of the best and most remarkable group leaders in I have been in many groups and what your cousin did here was astounding. He must be doing remarkable things with whatever he is doing now, his creative genius is so apparent.
Apr 20, 2014
i understand
Apr 20, 2014
He left because he didn't play chess anymore!
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Grandmasters v chess computers!

Grandmasters v chess computers!

lukeyboy_xx | 18 Eyl 2008
The surprising conclusion was this: top grandmasters and top chess computers are dead-even, and they have been stuck that way for some time. Neither side has actually won a match from the other in five years, and the last seven events between grandmasters rated 2700+ and chess computers have all been drawn. How long can this deadlock last? You're probably thinking, "Okay, sure, they're even now, but isn't it inevitable that computers will just get better and better and eventually leave the h...
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