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28 Tem 2019
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Apr 16, 2022
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Dec 29, 2021
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Oct 3, 2021
ik two but no one else
Oct 3, 2021
how many people here are sycamore graduates
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Aves Beatdown (4/5/20) tourney overview

Aves Beatdown (4/5/20) tourney overview

Crazyllama_101 | 5 Nis 2020
Aves, Today we had our first club tournament. The format was 4 rounds 15|10 each round. With a total of 13 members playing, it was quite fun!  I am extremely proud of how well everyone played and special shoutout to the top 5 ranking players of the tournament: (#1 - #5) Crazyllama_101, sunaya1, ashama82, VirajHonmurgi, and Di0128.  Be on the lookout for more tournaments in the future! Ciao for now, Aryan Vaidya


Crazyllama_101 | 28 Tem 2019
Hailing from suburban Ohio and striking fear into even the bravest of hearts is the Sycamore High School Chess Team. Highly ranked withing the Greater Miami Conference(GMC) and filled to the brim with chess fanatics, these ruthless warriors spend every waking second ferociously gobbling up any Chess theory they can get their hands on. Forged from Iron; fueled by pure adrenaline and Bong Cloud Theory, Aves Chess will not stop at anything to accomplish their goals. May God have mercy on o...