Windward Chess Club

Kaneohe, HI 96744
15 Oca 2008
3 (#4674)
Hi, I live in Kaneohe. I am moved to Oahu from Florida in 2018. I am trying to become more involved in the local community, and I thought this club may be a good opportunity to do that.
Mar 16, 2009
That's ok, Duncan; I don't blame you. :-)Sorry to hear about the cheater in your group.
Feb 3, 2009
Hi. A few days ago I made a group for all the Go lovers on this site. I would be happy if any of the members of Windward Chess & Go Club group would like to join my group too. All the best to all of you.
Nov 20, 2008
Thanks for the invitation to join, Frank! Great to be here! It feels warmer already; the snow is starting to melt!
Nov 13, 2008
Aloha and welcome to our group!
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Windward Chess Club meetings in two locations

Windward Chess Club meetings in two locations

frank713 | 4 Kas 2015
Aloha just letting you know windward side of Oahu has two locations for playing public chess currently, see Windward Chess club schedule. Locations Kaneohe - Burger King (Thursday) and Kaneohe library (Monday). Check link above and RSVP for dates and times. Chess sets are provided, bring your own clocks. Library location has lots of beginners so any assistance to cover the basics is always helpful and feedback on the games. Mahalo!
Windward Chess & Go Club OTB club closed

Windward Chess & Go Club OTB club closed

frank713 | 15 Ağu 2011
Aloha Just a note that Windward Chess & Go Club has been clsoed fo now, will reopne once we have a new director. See for news on any reopening. In the mean time see for any nearby chess club you may be interested in attending! All is well, just family matters take pirority and will return when possible to the local chess activities! Mahalo,  Paco
Three Hawaii tournaments added to

Three Hawaii tournaments added to

frank713 | 13 Haz 2009
Aloha, Checkout the three Hawaii tournaments I just added to, if what is on tap, is not to liking let me and maybe I start a slowed pace or lower rated tournaments if interested.All tournaments starts ASAP or NLT 20 June! Mahalo, Frank
Hawaii Chess Team

Hawaii Chess Team

frank713 | 7 Ara 2008
We need players to play against the Veteran's Chess Team ASAP! The more the better! Will start match as as we can!
Holiday schedule change for Windward Chess & Go Club

Holiday schedule change for Windward Chess & Go Club

frank713 | 15 Kas 2008
Holiday season is here, so that means more activities at Borders Bookstore - Kaneohe, Hawaii! So starting November 17 to end of December 2008 instead of WCGC meeting every week we will be meeting biweekly until start of 2009! So meeting dates will be through the rest for 2008, 11/17, 12/1, 12/15, 12/29. And then we go back to our normal weekly Monday meetings, times stay the same 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Visit Hawaii Chess web Site for scheduled scholastic and USCF tournaments at www.hawaiichess...
Windward Chess Club starting it first on-line team match

Windward Chess Club starting it first on-line team matc...

frank713 | 13 Kas 2008
As soon as we have our challenge met! We will need three to four players to play in this event its a (1 day per, 2 games per player event). Please if you sign up to play in this team event, plan on playing all your games, we like to minmumize timeouts as much as possible specially as its a team event. Like our first team match to be good one! Mahalo!