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23 Ağu 2013
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The (Star Trek) Xindi are collectively a race of six different intelligent species which evolved simultaneously on the same planet (Xindus). These six intelligent species are: The Aquatics, a water-breathing species; The Reptilians, a bipedal species like Earth's dinosaurs might have; The Arboreals, a group of humanoid creatures similar to Earth's sloths; The Primates, a group of creatures who evolved along a similar path to humans and are consequently close in appearance; The Insectoids, an intelligent species which evolved from the insects on Xindus; The avians are now extinct, but all five of the other intelligent species continue to coexist. Despite the radically different appearance of all six species, they all share identical ridges on their cheekbones, and have very similar DNA.All six of these intelligent species on Xindus were involved in a war lasting about 100 years and ending in the 2030s.