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Deep Concepts Explained

Deep Concepts Explained

GMJon Ludvig Hammer Tarafından

Join GM Jon Ludvig Hammer as he demonstrates key pawn structure concepts with isolated pawns and doubled pawns. Hammer has beaten World Champion Carlsen and can show you the key concepts that have helped him along the way.

  • Deep Concepts: Isolated Pawns

    Isolated pawns can be both a weakness and a strength. GM Jon Ludwig Hammer explains what you need to know about this pawn structure. It can come from many openings, so you'll want to know how to play with and against the isolated pawn.

    • 10 dk
    • 5 meydan okuma
  • Deep Concepts: Doubled Pawns

    Do you know how to deal with doubled pawns? Join GM Hammer for this informative lesson of the pros and cons of this complicated pawn structure.

    • 14 dk
    • 5 meydan okuma
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