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Knights vs Bishops

Knights vs Bishops

GMDejan Bojkov Tarafından

Follow along with GM Dejan Bojkov as he demonstrates the advantages of knights and bishops. Learn how to use any imbalance in your favor and win the fight between minor pieces.

  • Bishop Wins The Endgame

    When can a bishop destroy a knight in the endgame? Watch to learn this important lesson on the difference between the two minor pieces.

    • 16 dk
    • 5 meydan okuma
  • Bishop Wins the Middlegame

    In the eternal fight between bishop and knight, one piece usually emerges better in the middlegame. Learn how to make your bishop tame the knight in this lesson.

    • 20 dk
    • 5 meydan okuma
  • Knight Wins the Endgame

    Sometimes a knight completely dominates an opposing bishop in the endgame - learn how to get the upper-hand with the knight!

    • 19 dk
    • 5 meydan okuma
  • Knight Wins the Middlegame

    Did you know that knights can be better than bishops even in the middlegame? Find out how to use this unique piece to rule the chessboard.

    • 18 dk
    • 5 meydan okuma
  • Tricky Battle Positions

    Sometimes the fight between knights and bishops can be incredibly complex. Take this final lesson and make sure your minor piece ends up on top!

    • 17 dk
    • 5 meydan okuma
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