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Hello everyone,

My name is Jay Roy an active club player with lots of book study with hopes of someday being official titled.  I have been a Super Admin with Team Wisconsin club here on Chess.com for a few years now with a growing amount of players since I have been able to help with the club.  Within that club I have been giving lessons to many newer people(rating range: 100-1500) in my spare time and am now planning on branching out to anyone that is interested in lessons.  My style of game play is mostly aggressive but understand what is needed to play defensive when needed.  As for my coaching details I am offering affordable one-on-one coaching through Skype or Chess.com Classroom.  Friendly and flexible 1 hour time blocks that should work for most people. I prefer to analyze longer time control matches that will better show strengths and weaknesses in a person's game play.  When teaching a lesson the study material should be fun but interesting.  Focused on issues that are causing the roadblocks from improving. Homework should be simple and not overwhelming tailored to the key mistakes that need to be fixed.

In 2018 when I played on FIDE Online Arena that was hosted through Premium Chess(https://premiumchess.net/) which in my opinion was amazing.  Sadly the contract wasn't renewed and FIDE decided to use a different site to host their official online events called World Chess(https://worldchess.com/). When I returned to play on their new site I renewed my membership to find out that they didn't honor my original title of Arena International Master so I was forced to start all over again and didn't bother to get all the way back up to Arena IM level and stopped only at their Arena CM title. 

FIDE ID#: 150000057 

USCF ID#: 14464591

ICCF ID#: 515690

If interested please send me a message here at chess.com

Thank you all,