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This is my Club. More than 250!! Spell Chess Club. Click the text and join.
Do you know spell chess? Want to learn join this club as fast you can. This Club has more than 200 member.

A winner club a club were winners unite click here to join

A good and Active club join it here

Buddy meter-

BuddyMeter -How Well Do You Know Your Friend?

I am also a logo and banner maker so if you want one message me
                                                                  I know it's too hard to find a true friend.

                                                                               You are lucky you found me.

Friendship is one of the greatest blessings that not everyone is lucky enough to have. We meet a lot of people in the journey of life but there are only a few who leave a mark on us. My best friend is one such person who has been able to make a positive impact on my life. We have been a part of each other’s lives for the longest time and our friendship is still developing. He has been with me through all the thicks and thins. Most importantly, I feel extremely fortunate to have someone as a best friend in my life.

🌟My Friend List:


@Zunayed_781038 (He also very active I like him he is very good, kind. I like to talk with him every time .For me a day don't go with out talking him)

@Aviral_10_3 (He is my bff he joins every tournament I tell him and helps my club win a guy in top 8 in spell chess he is older than but still I like him so much)

My good Friends✨:

@Scemer (Also a good friend he is also very good friend)

@schizzarotto (A good streamer who plays chess)

@Mrchallenger2010 ( A guy who loves fire)

@Rayees (Kindest person I met on Chess.com)

@BestFriendOffallGuys (He is like my brother)

@GabyNguyen (A cool Guy)

@MRRS112597(He does everything I tell him to he is also my good friend

My Family-

@v4u4 (He is my father I love him so much he takes so much care of me)

@Club_Manger ( He is my brother he is inactive but he is cool)

School Friends-

@bhavyapro95(He is not good at chess but I help him

@ghghfhh(His name is Susmit he is so good at math)

@Susmitpro31 (It is his alt)


@Scg2024 (He closed his account but he is using his sister's account and that is @IhatetheNumber5129.But he is so inactive. I think he also leave chess.com as like his sister.)

@IhatetheNumber5129( She leave this site. His brother @scg2024 is using this account)

Thanks to @AngelaPlayzChess For making background and banner for my club she is like my sister)

She made these I love this a big shoutout to @AngelaPlayzChess

12 Thing I Know About You

1. You are alive.

2. You can breathe.

4. You didn't notice that I skipped number 3.

5. You just went back to check.

6. You are smiling at how you fell for this...

7. You just read this sentence.

8. And you just missed that I skipped number 7!

9. You just went back to check only to realize I didn't skip anything!  

10. You are smiling at how you keep on falling for this...

11. I also know that when you bite your tongue by accident, it hurts, but when you bite it on 

 purpose, it doesn't hurt.

12. I also know you just bit yourself to check