The Ge-Winner

379 Members
Jun 1, 2022
1,232 Events Played

Welcome to our club! The best club in!! We are "The Ge-Winner"!!

You’re heartiest invited to join our wonderful community!!
We have different events you can join:
-vote matches
-daily matches

Moreover we offer 1200 tournaments and have a puzzle of the day!!

Why should you join our Club:

- We have many Daily Matches

- We participate in TMCL (Team Match Champions League)  

- We will participate in Vote Chess Leagues

- We have Vote Matches 

- We participate in TCMAC

We had 3 Bann Attacks. The first one who do that, was @IGNACY1522. Please report him also!!  Then @FieryChallenger, and then BlitzGod24.   We had 590 Members at the 1th May.

Our club rules
1. No spamming!!
2. Respect everyone!!
3. At least try to be active!!
4. No advertising without permission!!
5. Most Important: Enjoy and have fun!!!   

We have 8 titled Players!!

This club is a part of The FCC Community:

Our Partner Clubs:
1. Coffee House
2. Lucky Group
3. Francesco Chess Club
Biggest Goals:
Get first in daily matches and in vote matches!

If you have any questions feel free to ask @Winteremil or @erle19!!
See you in the club!!! Have fun!!