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The Cat Appreciation Society
I couldn't find any online groups for England or the United Kingdom, so stand amazed at the first! Also I like cats, thus the group name. Have you...
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Middle School Chess Club of Garfield Heights. 
We call ourselves the Londoneers.  Our group's logo shows our ideal setup.   This club is about the London System which is characterized by 1.d4 a...
Fruzsi's Magyar Tigers
Welcome! This group was made for szefru's Twitch community, and here we will have tournaments, play chess together, and do other fun stuff! I will ...
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C and O Family Chess Center Online and Alumni Group
The private home-group for all current, and former, C&O Family Chess Center players. 
Sathuranga Chanakyan
This club is associated with Tamil chess youtube channel Sathuranga Chanakyan and we have already lichess team with 200+ members and I completely i...
The chessy coffee cat team
Hello! This club is good because it is friendly, and fun. When we have enough people, we will start doing matches and vote chess. Please consider j...
"Ready to put your chess skills to the test? Join us for a virtual battle of the minds!""Want to prove that you're the ultimate chess champion? Sig...
Follow the Lord's way.
Follow the way of the Lord. This is a place where Interdenominational  Christians can fellowship in english, spanish(We use a Language Translator f...
Just for fun! I like the k-pop group Momoland as it is not offensive and it is bright and bouncy. The name does not matter to be honest, I want us ...
Global Citizens Club
The club of players who aspire to have all 241 flags in their profile passport.  If you want to know how many flags you have? Replace my nickname w...
Torre Attack Chess Club
Welcome to this club: (You can communicate in English or Spanish) In this space we can share our love for chess with: -Daily matches -Vote mat...
Team Prague
Team Prague is open to any players from Prague and surroundings or any other players, who just love this medieval city in the centre of Europe. We ...
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The Orthodox Christian Chess Players
A group for Orthodox Christian Chess Players all over the world. You are ALL welcome (Orthodox or not) but with the respect to the people and the g...
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Franchesco Chess Club
"Franchesco Chess Club" is one of the best clubs. Here You can play Daily matchs, Live Tournaments, Chat with people, Play Vote Chess and more! We ...
Šachová škola Vávra a Černoušek jaro 2023
Do žádosti o přijetí do klubu nám prosím napište své pravé jméno, příjmení a kroužek, kam docházíte, podle toho budete do klubu přijati.
The Empire Of Assassins
           "Out of the dark, you come into the light. From the light, you will return to the dark. Are you prepared to travel the eagle's pat...
Moroccan Chess club - نادي الشطرنج المغربي
Moroccan Chess club - نادي الشطرنج المغربيA chess club for Moroccans by Moroccans -whatsapp group : https://chat.whatsapp.com/KKHvsZolS3NEZ2KEdJ4Rqj 
Turnuvalara katılıp sonrasında takımdan çıkanlar birdaha takıma alınmaz. Küfür ve Hakaret etmek yasaktır Lichess takımımız : https://lichess.org/...
Bocconi Students Chess Club
Bocconi Students Chess Club  -  Ruy Lopez Society Official chess.com reference for Bocconi University's chess Association. Join us to be part of ...