Позиційні/стратегічні жертви

Позиційні/стратегічні жертви

Learn to sacrifice like an attacking genius!

Join GM Victor Mikhalevski as he demonstrates long term positional sacrifices in some of his best games. Watch how he targets the opponent's king with sacrifices. Even when they don't lead to a quick mate, the attack can tie up the opponent and there's no escape from the positional squeeze! Start using positional sacrifices in your own games today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • How to spot attacking sacrifices that leave your opponent in difficult positions!
  • How to sacrifice for long-term compensation!
  • How to seize the initiative with positional sacrifices!

Pawn Avalanche

Our second featured author making his Chess.com debut today is Grandmaster Victor Mikhalevski! In this mini series he reviews the power of the long term sacrifice. He explains how to judge long term compensation, especially when your opponent's pieces are not ideally placed. He finishes off his opponent in style with a pawn storm for the ages. Enjoy!
16 хв
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School Me Twice, Shame on Me!

Losing for a second time to an eerily similar idea happens... but falling for the same long term, positional sacrifice to the same opponent? Here GM Mikhalevski takes his opponent to school a second time with a similar early sacrifice of a knight on f7. In the style of Tal, Victor gets a strong initiative and a lot of pawns in compensation for his pony, and his opponent wishes he had learned his lesson the first time!
18 хв
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Best Game Prize

To bring his debut series to an end, GM Mikahlevski reviews his win over GM Akobian that led to him earning a Best Game Prize at the Gibraltar tournament in 2011. Once again, Victor makes a "long term" sacrifice, with compensation stemming from the uncoordinated pieces in the opponent's camp and his ability to seize the initiative. His pieces are in the "right place at the right time." Enjoy!
22 хв
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