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    GRrrrrrEAT ! b och

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    Nice video)

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    This is an excellent video series and it helped me practice calculation at a critical point in a game.  

    I'm a beginner, and I would strongly recommend this video to any other beginner.

    It is interesting, however, to read Valeri Beim's book "Paul Morphy A Modern Perspective". If I understand what Biem is trying to say in this book, the analysis of why Morphy didn't play 8. Bxf7+ might be missing something important.  You can point your computer at this position all day and it will insist on playing Bxf7+ with the moves that FM Liu suggests - including the 11...Bxf2+ and what he says is probably the best response for white in the whole line: the 12.Ke2 move.  According to Beim (and you can look at other Morphy games against strong players to see this yourself), Morphy consistently preferred to bring as many peices into the attack as possible even if there were objectively "better" moves available.  8.Nc3 might simply his style.  I think Morphy knew he could win this game regardless, but I think Beim is right that he was following his idea of "get everything into the fight first".  More to the point, if Morphy had played Bxf7+, it would not have been the beautiful piece of art we have wondered at all these years.

    It is very much worth going through Liu's analysis because it teaches how to work hard at analysis and it shows how much calculation might be required to justify a move like 8.Bxf7+

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    Very well explained at the right pace!

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    "He who plays with Morphy must abandon all hope of catching him in a trap, no matter how cunningly laid, but must also assume that it is so clear to Morphy that there can be no question of a false step." - Adolf Anderssen

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    love it.  articulate and concise.  keep it up

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    Great vid, Morphy was a genius!

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    i agree with GreenbayPackers, more games of P. Morphy please. Thanks for this one and good job on the commentary.

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    NM SasaK

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    This game is absolutely amazing! Thanks!

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    "so as you can see, white is really hungry in this game as he is using his fork alot."

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    Yep, good video.

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    Nice strategies and attack combinations

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    Beautiful game. Thaks a lot for the video.

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    Great video!

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    Discussion continues regarding the tactical use of the knight queen tandom. 

    Back to the game, Morphy continues development preparing to exploit the cramped positions of black with king stuck in center unable to castle. 

    continued tactics - discover defense, inbetween move, sacrifice, applying pressure to pin, clearance,

    continued principles - when attacked have thre options, run away, take a piece or counter. Look at these with option one last.

    Back to game white changes target squares from f7 to d7 with final target of d8 established with a strike, removal of guard queen sacrifice, rook to new target square - checkmate. 


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    Very good video!  I have never seen the game before, nor heard the terms used, such as removal of the guard, etc.  I really like how FM Liu delivered the lecture.. very clear.  Thanks alot, FM Liu! 

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    Great video!! Bad joke...

    I learned a lot and thank you for targeting us beginners. It is such a beautiful game, but too often intimidating to us newbies. Please make more videos like these. Having classic games explained is a great way to create a foundation of chess knowledge.


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    Great video!  Perfical : )

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