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Video Guide

Sep 8, 2011, 12:00 AM 64 Chess.com Help

Need a little help navigating the thousands of videos on Chess.com? Use this guide to find all the videos you need on topics such as:

Click any of the options above or scroll through this guide until you find what you're looking for. Happy learning!

The Opening

Development For Beginners: This long series goes from the most basic up to the very complex.

White Against The Petroff: This series of five videos for intermediate-to-advanced players shows a few different ways for White to play against the Petroff Defense, in the main line and in the Cochrane Gambit.

Shankland Teaches The Najdorf: This series covers a complete Najdorf repertoire for Black. It is intended for advanced players.

Applying Principles In The King's Gambit: This series teaches you about decision-making in the opening, and in particular the important principles that come up in the King's Gambit.

The Scandinavian: Eugene Perelshteyn teaches you everything you need to know about this fighting opening. 

Spicy Gambits: GM Simon Williams shows you the most exotic opening gambits chess has to offer. 

How To Crush Your Opponent With The King's Gambit: GM Williams revives this romantic opening. 

The Fighting Dragon: IM Keaton Kiewra takes a comprehensive look at the most aggressive Sicilian. 

Melik Suggests: For 10 video lessons, GM Melikset Khachiyan is here to analyze his preferred variations of different openings.

The Schliemann Gambit: GM Melikset Khachiyan teaches you the essential theory and concepts underpinning Black's most aggressive response to the Ruy Lopez.

The Evans Gambit: Join GM Jacek Stopa and several Chess.com guest authors in exploring the swashbuckling Evans Gambit from both sides of the board.

The Pirc Defense: GMs Roman Dzindzichashvili and Mackenzie Molner provide you with all the concepts and theory you need to play the daring Pirc from both sides of the board.

The Anti-Sicilians: GM Roman Dzindzichashvili has the answers for theory-weary adventurers on both sides of the board in this series on Anti-Sicilians.

The King's Indian Defense: GM Eugene Perelshteyn provides you with a fresh repertoire centered on topical and exciting lines in the King's Indian Defense.

Learn To Play The English: Learn the fundamentals of the English Opening with a plethora of novel ideas and traps courtesy of GM Roman Dzindzichashvili.

Completely French: Delve into the strategic and tactical vagaries of the French Defense with lifetime devotee WGM Tatev Abrahamyan.

The Complete Nimzo Indian: Incorporate this classic opening into your repertoire with strategic and theoretical guidance from GM Roman Dzindzichashvili.

Roman's Novelty Shop: Dzindzchashvili exposes his deepest opening secrets to you in this tour through his laboratory of opening innovations.


Intermediate Checkmates: For beginner and intermediate-level players: build your knowledge of checkmate patterns.

Sac A Queen To Find A Mate! A Love Story: What does chess have in common with Taylor Swift? Find out in this exciting queen-sac series. 

Tactical Patterns You Must Know: IM Daniel Rensch teaches you all the essential tactics in chess.  


Amazing Games For Beginners: IM David Pruess and FM Elliot Liu teach beginners the foundations of good chess play with these instructive and elegant masterpieces.

Pawn Structure 101: Everything you needed to know about pawn structure from IM Daniel Rensch. 

Isolated Queen Pawns: This series takes a look at one of the most important pawn structures in chess, which characteristically comes out of the Queen's Gambit, the Nimzo Indian, the Caro-Kann, the French, and the Alapin Sicilian among other mainstream openings.

The Principle Of Two Weaknesses: One of the most fundamental strategic concepts in chess, but a difficult one to employ in the middlegame or endgame. This series starts off at an intermediate level.

Playing With A Space Advantage: Space and time work in harmony for great chess players, and this video series by GM Lenderman (as well as the prequel videos by IM David Pruess) will get you started on the right path!

Practical Defense: In this series, Grandmaster Melik Khachiyan implores all Chess.com members to understand and appreciate the difficult art of finding accurate defensive moves when under practical pressure. For advanced players, this series is solid gold!

Positional Tips: GM Melik Khachiyan gives you myriad positional guidelines to follow, providing specific examples from his own games that illustrate some timeless chess truths.

Evaluation and Planning: Master the seven elements of positional assessment as GM Melik Khachiyan takes you on a tour of thirteen amazing positional games.


King And Pawn Endgames: You have to know K+P endgames in order to play other endgames, since trades can always come up! This is where anyone who wants to play a quality endgame must start.

Rook And Pawn Endgames: Rook and pawn endgames are the most common type of endgame, and thus they are a natural second endgame to study. They are very tricky though!

Berlin Endgames: Probably the most important endgame of all on the world-championship level. 

Master Analysis

Ben Finegold's Road To GM: Follow along with Finegold as he earns the highest title in chess. You'll be surprised by what you learn along the way. 

Member Analysis: Chess.com's best instructors help you out directly as they review member games and highlight the strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement most relevant to club-level players.

How To Improve Your Chess: GM Kaidanov lays out the steps for a chess player to improve his entire approach to the game, from practical to psychological! He provides all the steps needed for recognizing and eliminating your mistakes and patterns.

Video Series On My Memorable Games: Join GM Sam Shankland as he takes you on a tour of the most memorable games he played on his way to the grandmaster title at 21!

Great Players

The Greatest Chess Minds: This gargantuan series covers all the best players in chess history. Enjoy the greatest games by the biggest names in the game. 

Simply The Best: Garry Kasparov: IM Shankland reviews the life and games of the greatest chess player of all time: the former world champion Garry Kasparov! The series needs no further introduction other than a word to the wise: If you consider yourself a serious and aspiring chess player, studying the games of the greatest player ever might not be a bad idea!

Puzzles And Fun

Video Series On Beauty and Entertainment: A bevy of Chess.com's most loved video authors are here to entertain you with the most stunning moves and positions they have seen in their lengthy chess careers.

The 10 Best Moves Of All Time: GM (then IM) Sam Shankland walks you through a tour of his personal favorite moves that have graced the chess world.

Event Highlights

2016 Candidates Tournament:  IM Danny Rensch analyzes in-depth every games 2016 Candidates Tournament as eight challengers battle their way into a chance at Magnus Carlsen. All videos are FREE to all members!

Best Of Millionaire Chess: GM Maurice Ashley presents the most amazing games from the richest open event in chess history. Ashley's inimitable style is the perfect complement for the fireworks on the chessboard in these can't miss videos. 

2014 World Mind Games: Follow along with live game analysis from IM Danny Rensch as he plays five rounds in the 2014 World Mind Games tournament hosted by Chess.com.

The Best of the FIDE Grand Prix — 2014: Follow along with the Chess.com commentary team as it brings you the brilliancies, blunders, and drama from the 2014 FIDE Grand Prix.

USCL: Game of the Week: GM Alex Yermolinsky walks you through each and every thrilling Game of the Week contest from the 2013 US Chess League season.

U.S. Chess League Highlights — 2013: In this video series, IM Danny Rensch walks you through various instructive and entertaining moments that caught his eye.

Chess/TV Broadcasts

Death Matches: Following this video guide, you'll retrace the steps of the Chess.com's greatest blitz and bullet combatants (Nakamura, Caruana, So...) as they wage a battle of wills in an epic three hour Death Match! Share the woes of time trouble, mouse slips, and speculative sacrifices all with live coverage from Chess.com's all-star line up of commentators.

Live Sessions: Chess.com sends in a legion of its best authors as they record their games and thoughts live, providing the viewer with valuable insight into what really goes on in the mind of a master.

Chess Rivals: Chess Rivals, Blindfold Battles and other streams are matches that take place online between the world's most popular and respected "Chess Streamers." This article is a historical record of those battles.

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