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    "i maybe annoy you by repeating the same thing" funny. strangely in certain situations it seems as if it's necessary or something to do just this. not something i particularly like doing either. 

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    NM SasaK

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    loved this one ! even as weak as i am,i could'nt figure out what these two had in mind on each move. i wish you would do some more on 1400 to 1700 players.there's a lot more of us weak players that would love to be enlightened. :-( thx Roman !!!!!

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    Excellent video again by Roman. Thanks! I like the way you say "tzenter" :)

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    Thank you very much for another great lecture. I play too many games like this myself and need to think more carefully about my plans.

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    I like Roman's lectures: - His voice is warm and comforting like Alfred Hitchcock's. - His lectures are clear and to the point. - He makes chess games seem simple. Keep up the series, Roman! They are awesome! P.S. I would be honored if you'd analyze any of my games. ;-)
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    My weakness has been revealed to all the world......and he doesn't even know me :-(

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    Good lecture , thanks

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    This video shows that you may have learned openings, and have the sense to resign when you blunder but still play like a begginer. Many begginers in American Chess tournaments I guess. Both sides were pathetic.

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    Why would Roman think non-titled players have his understanding of positional play?  This game looks pretty logical to the average patzer. Laughing

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    These series are great!

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    What is the ranking of the players reviewed?

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    Great video Roman, I understood most of it but one part confused me just a little bit.  I think I can understand why white would want to play on the queenside, but it could be tempting to play elsewhere due to the black bishop and knight being trapped there.  If black made the mistake of limiting the activity of those two pieces, are you still capitalizing on it by playing on his queenside? I'm curious as to what was really lost by black's bad moves on the queenside if white wised up and opened the queenside when you suggested.  Sorry I don't know the move number. I'm guessing he at least lost time, but I know I don't understand all of the problems his queenside is facing.  Maybe both pieces are misplaced and would get kicked by pawns with tempo, or maybe his kingside pieces can not move to the queenside while white's can.  Any insight would be appreciated, I know the lesson was about problems a little simpler than that.

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    I can understand Roman's frustration. I myself get frustrated when my opponents don't play with a plan and its no surprise I'll just crush them positionally or get crazy activity. I myself still make tons of positional mistakes and the biggest reason I keep making these mistakes is no one is punishing me! I used to play the hyper-accelerated dragon a lot but shyed a little away from it after some nasty crushes by strong players squeezing me with the dreaded Maroczy Bind.

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    Just to point out it's Asheville, North Carolina, not "Ashland", South Carolina

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    Love that word 'mediocre' which comes easily to the lips of high achievers.

    You probably see your own weaknesess, but you're also conscious of how far you've come, how much effort you've put in, how much you think you still could learn.

    And then the big giant comes and squashes you with that one word....

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    Roman you sound almost angry that people could think of doing such things ;)

    Nice video

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    Great lecture GM Roman Dzindzichashvili, I felt sorry for you on analysing this illogical game. I nearly felt into tears of laughther every single time they made a strategical mistake. Not even I would play that badly

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