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    Can anybody explain why after b5 taking that powerfully outposted knight with the bishop is no good? It still keeps all of blacks pawns on light squares, and the knight's black's best piece in that position, imo.

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    thank you very much, your video series are very interesting and I like to 

     learn from themCool

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    I know 1st and 3rd game of positional strangulation.

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    After the critical move Ne4, couldn't black play f5? The knight moves and black follows up with c5 freeing his position. 

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    I immediately thought that Nxd5 was the answer to Black's b5, and I was wondering why it wasn't discussed in the video. I tested by plugging into my engine (Critter), and it's clearly favored over Be2. Looking on the Fritz "cloud," I now see that it's also already been evaluated as best by Houdini and Fritz 13. White gets a clear pawn without giving up anything.

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    Wonderful video series! I am pausing and thinking hard over each critial moment.

    Question for FM Elliot and other chess lovers: the combination/tactic on 25:40 (Bd3) and a few subsequent combinations were too hard for me (a ~1450 level player). I practice tactics on, Shredder almost daily. But these in the video seem harder. Do you recommend any app, program, or book (in that other) to improve my tactics further?

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    Very fine video. Wonderfully instructive and thorough. Now, if I could only play as logically as that. So say we all!

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    Great video, thank u and please keep em coming....

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    I dont think that the proposed checkmate sequence at the end (about 41:30) is a forced mate in 3... after Qg7+ Ke7 Rxe6+ what if black retreats with Kd8?

    The game is pretty much over anyway, because the queen falls with Rxe8, follwed by a couple checks which win the b4-pawn.. but its not quite "mate in 3" as was suggested. or am i missing something?

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    Great video! Great series!

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    I love these vids, they helped me sooooo much

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    Great vid!

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    Good Good Good

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    After black's b5, it seemed tempting to try Nxd5 when white can win a pawn. Does black have too much counterplay in this line?

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    Great video!  Even though it is long by standards, I really appreciate the detailed and cogent analysis.

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    Clear-cut instruction and good analysis.Thanks

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    Great video, an interesting and instructive game clearly explained in plain simple English, no foreign accents, no phony  accents, no jive.

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