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    I had seen these games before, but I never understood them this well!  Excellent series!

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    One of the best series on

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    nice seies, great topic!

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    There are many very good chess players but few of them are as good at teaching what they know about chess as is FM Eliot Lieu.  Thank you very much!Cool

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    Billed as beginner stuff, but mastery of positional strangulation requires advanced skills.  Learned a lot, need to learn and practice more.  Converting these type of positional advantages requires patience, tactical skill and great calucation skills.  I've blown hundreds of these types of positional advantages....usually due to impatience, bad calculation or thinking I had an attacking chance when none existed or even lack of time.  Drew a game yesterday, same result.  Notice how tactics play a huge roll in positional domination.  Time and time again, moves could not be played for tactical reasons and these tactics are a form of restriction. 

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    Gr8 series!! So much to take in. Really enjoy Elliot Liu teaching style.

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    firewoods: thank you!! that helps alot

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    livluvrk, fm stand for federal master, gm stands for grand master, im stands for international master these are the most common ones

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    Great finish!  I'm going to watch this whole series all over again. 

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    Great comments GreenPumpkin31 & interesting perspective. Awesome video FM Liu! Loved ending with apropos b5 pawn break, having earlier laid clever positional tracks towards an obvious culmination. Reti quote kinda comical, as it dates the prevailing mindset of the day & chess era.  Such references to Schlecter's sort-of apparent inchoate approach ("He carries out operations apparently not concerted on different parts of the board, so that one has the impression that a game of no clear, preconceived objective is in progress.."), perhaps today would be worded to reflect this progressive evolution in chess, furthered well & good by Schlecter. Thx FM Liu &   

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    I'm impressed at how much better FM Liu is with his presentations than he was in his early videos, when he was struggling with his pacing.  Much faster paced and clearer with his explanations now.

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    What a great lecture, made my holiday ever better!

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    Great video!I am very impressed with Liu's amazing,clear-cut ,teaching style.Great game,great annotator.

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    Nice work Elliott! Schlechter IMHO was sort of the whipping boy of his generation of chess players, but after seeing this game I've gained a whole new appreciation for his play.  Great series, great examples and you always do a wonderful job of explaining the nuances of the positions. Perfect!

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    Nice job. This is a good series that warrant review for me. Thanks.

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    This game was a masterpiece! With Liu's clear analysis revealing the deeper strategy, I can appreciate the true genius of what Schlechter was doing.

    Thx, FM Liu!

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    What a masterpiece indeed. Fanatastic game, great video.

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    First! Nice video!
    I love games which show positional strangulation/positional torture. They really show the beauty and epicness of chess and the beauty of the players' minds.

    Compared to tactical shots, which anyone can do with enough time to look at a position; positional beauties like this game really shows the beauty of chess and the power of the players' minds!

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