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    I like petrosians concept of king safety... King needs wiggle space, fling the pawns forward! I feel like Nakamura does this, a more aggressive petrosian/Nimzo style

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    Thank you Grandmaster Khachiyan.

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     Amazing video, in my opinion you are the best teacher on You don't just show the moves but why and the reason or theory behind it. Please come out with some more videos on about Petrosian. Thank you very much.

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    Part 1 of HW: I think a4 was a mistake because it stops you from playing Qa4 and Ba6 to actively attack black, it basically takes that file away from your queen. Lets say after c4, bishop moves wherever, then black can play a6 (like in a g4 Kings Indian where white has pawns on g4-h4 and black has pawns on g6-h6) and will meet any pawn push by white with a closing of the files. So Spassky closed lines of attack while Petrosian opened them. (Im paused at 8:42)

    Part 2 of HW: c4 is good for the reasons I mentioned above ^. Allows black to close the lines of attack.



    Second short homework: I play h3 on 17:45 pointing out that he just opened the diagonal for my bishop, gpawn cant move and I open the h file, or I have d4+ if he does move the g pawn with a strong attack (possibly h2 first if he plays g3).

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    This is one of the most helpful series I've watched and it deserves multiple viewings to get the most from it. In the last homework I was so very convinced there is a tactic with h3 or possibly d4 but when I looked deeper I realised there is probably nothing there. Very sneaky Melik : )  

    Look forward to the next one

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    Amazing attacking for black there!! I wish I'd watched this before my club match earlier this evening... you're a very good teacher Melik :)

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    This game shows how to attack and to block a pawn storm.  I am looking forward to the next video.

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    Nice!!  Another Petrosian Bear Hug ... this time ask Spassky's expense.  Was it really Spassky playing him? You'd never know it unless you were told ... because Petrosian owned him in this one! Wow!  Great lesson.  Will be working on the hw this week.

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    nice vid...

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    Great video. thanks.

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    IM pfren

    There is an old legend between chess masters, which goes like that:

    "If Tal sacrifices a piece against you, accept it, offer a draw and pray. If Petrosian sacrifices a piece, then resign immediately".

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