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    Bc5! is an amazing move! (Rxe4!! would have been quite a bit stronger but is a much harder move to calculate.)

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    Both great games!

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    Just as dynamic, as if I have never seen this video before.

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    thank you

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    back again, thanks.

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    Thanks again Grandmaster

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    great video

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    Very good

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    My notes from this video:

    Game 1

    • Nb4 nice idea, excaping the double attack, if PxB black sets up a Q+K fork with Rxd4 and if white doesn't take the R he has problems with the e5-N
    • Bc5 amazing idea, with both the N+R en prise, if white excg B for R, white is left with black's B attacking the Q, in addition to the threat of forking the K+R, not to mention White's N is still hanging on e5
    • Nice trick if white played Nc4, black would have sacrificed the B for P, followed by Nb5 attacking Q+B with the other N threatening to fork K+R
    • Notice Melikset Khachiyan is willing to sack R for P, followed by BxB attacking the Q with the threat of Nc2 forking the K+R and Q if white played QxB.
    • I love how Melikset Khachiyan sacs his R for N (R for P option is explained above) followed by the e-N for c-B exch while not having to worry about the f-B en prise because the B is attacking the Q, along with the N threat of forking the K+R and and Q if White played QxB
    • The powerful Qf4 saves blacks 2 en prised B by attacking the d-P and threatening to win the Q with a check f/b Rd1
    • I just love the patient the subtle Qf7, attacking the unprotected R while maintain the pin on B
    • Remember, put pieces (not pawns) on the opposite color when opponent has only one B
    • Notice how Melikset Khachiyan is patient with improving his position before promoting his pawn majority

    Game 2

    • d6 in response to c3 in the sicilian leaves a very imbalanced and complicated position, Melikset Khachiyan style.
    • Notice how Melikset Khashiyan doesn't automatically exchange Ps on d4 (as I do in the siclian), instead he's willing to let's white take the c-P to advance the d-P, leaving en prise the e-P abd c-P
    • Ke7 it... it basically kills the game. Black avoids exchg Qs leading to the end game, down a pawn. Finding this move requires concrete thinking.
    • Notice how Melikset khachiyan is willing to ignore Pxe5 and play Qb6 with the doulble attack on N+B. This is typical Melikset Khachiyan, always leaving pieces en prise by finding stronger moves than simply recapturing and/or moving the en prise piece.
    • Notice how Melikset Khachiyan spots out whites weakness along the a7-g1 diagonal, he extends diagonal with a6 before taking the diagonal over with Bc5
    • Notice how if white plays c5 to shut down the B, black has a5 underminding c5, if a3 black exchg Ps then plays Bxc5 with a discover attack on white's R. If white wants to exchg Rs, black's en prise B has the in-between move BxP check.
    • Nice find, the B for P exchg, followed by forking the K+B.
    • Nxc5 was a very nice trick, if white plays RxN its kill with h-R check f/b a fork or a discover attack.
    • Notice how Melikset Khachiyan sacs the b-P to further advance the important passed d-P. In the end game the advanced passed pawn should be the main focus of attention.
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    at 11:16, taking a pawn with a rook while knowing a pawn and knight could take it, would be a move i would never make and it just goes to show how i need to evolve my way of thinking in chess cause damn!

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    This guy is great.  I've gone through 4 of his videos so far and I'm really enlightened by all the information he shares about his thought process.  VERY instructive.

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    very interesting lectures!!i learn something new. . .tnx u ok. .

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    Very dynamic indeed - thank you!

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    Red Cell.

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    Fantasic video and very instructive

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    Great games. Thanks for this! 

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