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    The position around 16:00 is indeed drawn, but that is only because Dzindi made an obvious mistake.

    After cxb5 white plays cxd5 and NOT cxb5, which would result in a draw.

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    OK, guys, stop kissing up to the GM. I for one would love to hear an explanation on how to win the "self-explanatory" king and pawn endgame at the 15:00 mark. In fact, this "easy win" looks more like a dead draw to me, since Black's protected passed e-pawn is just as strong as White's g-pawn. To win, White has to create a passed pawn on the a-file, but the move a4 is met by ...c4, and on any other White move Black can play ...a4. Considering how the GM has dismissed the position at a critical moment, this can't be considered insightful analysis.

    Further, since the king and pawn endgame isn't a clear win, it follows that the GM's earlier claim that h6 "wins immediately" is incorrect, and his assessment of the position at this point as "totally hopeless" is completely off the mark.

    You can take me to task for being overly critical, but Dzindzichashvili's dismissive comments need to be challenged, and the GM in front of his name is irrelevant.  As Carl Sagan says in his "Baloney Detection Kit," arguments based on someone's status carry no weight.      

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    yeah the endgame at 16.00 is a draw but really great game tho

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    this kid is hammer

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    really enjoyed your talk

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    If c4xb5 then black has a draw at 16:04 after white moves Kd4. Smart kid. I wonder how long hes been playing.

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    at 16:05. What is the way to win for white?

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    Roman is my favorite teacher. I am glad he is looking at this prodigy's games. More!

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    Great game. Great presentation.

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    a lot of moves there nver would have thought of. very good good ya :)

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    great game, great analysis.  thanks.

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    That youngster is good. The next Bobby Fischer? 

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