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    The first game played is the best game I've seen roman play even tho he wouldn't agree it's an awesome game!

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    Very inspiring games! I saw the Qg5 move coming with Qf6! follow-up threat which I was happy about - shows that your instructive lessons are helping my play, keep them coming Roman! Cool

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    I have watched many videos here on and yours Roman are always the best; they are absolutely spot on in terms of chess teaching and beautifully delivered with just a lovely amount of personal story.  This one is such a useful lesson for those like me trying to get to the next level of chess; I look forward to constantly seeking the initiative in all my future games, even at the cost of material.  Thanks Roman!

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    Roman, I wasn't even aware of this concept of "initiative vs. material" until watching your video lesson.  A great awakening for me, and now when I see such an occurrence on the board, I will know how to evaluate my next move:  should I take for material or go for iniative, and look ahead to see how the board will read if I go either way.  Thanks very much.  I hope you will offer more videos like this.  It was tremendously helpful.

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    Thanks for excellent lecture

  • 6 years ago


    Excellent games!

    Very instructive and very well explained, just like all of your other videos!

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    Dear Royplayer,

    Thanks for your response. It is much appreciated and I acquiesce to that.





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    Amazing insight and Queen sac for a crushing game! I could listen to you say "complete domination!" all day long! ;) Great games! Thanks!

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    These have to be two of the most beautiful games I've ever seen in my life.  I'm not a GM or even a titled player, but these two games brought a whole new level of excitement to my playing.  I might watch this video a dozen times over the next week.

    Both games show that even if a material advantage is offered without threat of any tactics from the enemy, it still may be best to decline after you determine how the overall position would LOOK after the exchange.

    Simply beautiful; I'll definitely be watching the rest of your videos, and finding more of your games.  I might have finally found a playing style worth striving for... :)

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    Great lecture, really instructive, keep them coming please!

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    Nikkiboy, not being a strong player myself I would not try to explain Roman's thoughts. What I do know is that with computers if a move brings about a material advantage and the position is accessed as +2.0 and another move which is positional, attacking, etc. also gives a +2.0 the computer will opt for the move giving the material advantage. This is the way chess playing programs are programmed. The way Rybka is programmed, it gives priority in certain positions to initiative rather than material gain. This gives the program the feeling of artificial intelligence which is a high priority for programmers when programming computers. Unfortunately computers are not intelligent and will only do what their programmers tell them to do. Because of this they often wrongly access positions where an average chess player would not because of logic and intelligent thinking. I hope I explained this well enough.

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    Thank you Roman. That second game was a work of art! I remember you back in the 70's. You were really setting the chess world on fire.

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    brilliant video! and really instructive!  I liked it   Cool

  • 6 years ago


    These were really instructive games.  I find the relationship between material and initiative one of the most fascinating things in chess.  It's amazing what a single pawn given up at the right time can do.  Unfortunately in my games I've only seen this work my accident.

  • 6 years ago


    GM Roman, many thanks. Very instructive and well presented.

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    Thank you very much for this GM Dzindzichashvili! Also, thank you very much for co-writing Chess Openings for White, Explained and Chess Openings for Black Explained; I own both of them and I find them very informative. Thanks again!

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    Thank you very much.

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    GreenBayPackers: I'm a Diamond member too... and I can see the whole video.

    Roman D: Thanks for a great video!

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    Nice Video

  • 6 years ago

    NM ChessNetwork

    I liked the a4 and Qg5 moves. I didn't guess the Qg5 move. I was thinking trade bishops first and then f4, but the move played with the threat of Qf6 was deadly.

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