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    truly inspirational!

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    Thanks again Grandmaster Khachiyan.

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    yes i liked it, and thank u... remember dont be materialistic, think about who dominates the squares!

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    That was a very interesting maneuver, a positional sacrifice with both defensive and offensive qualities. It was defensive to stop the pawns and offensive by repositioning his knight to a very powerful square. This goes to show how imaginative Petrosian was in using the positional sacrifice.

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    Reshevsky's position seemed strong enough, but clock and psychological issues proved too much for him.

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    Good Video, thanks, I think I learned something from it!!


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    Great story. 

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    NM gbidari

    "It's not about the material. It's a game of squares." Valuable lesson!

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    nice little insight into the mind of a great player, must remember your advice about the squares!

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    It would also seem, given Reshevsky's potential clock issues and the preceeding Re1, e6 plan, that the shock value of the exchange sac along with the plan derailment had real psychological value as well. The smile couldn't have hurt either, lol. It shows that chess can be more than just the moves.

    Great game, great story.

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    Wonderful GM Khachiyan.  Very interesting because it clearly demonstrates how a great positional master viewed the game of chess.  Your comments about squares vs. material is fascinating.  Please show us more of GM Petrosian's masterpieces!

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