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    NM NoRematch

    I've heard of the bishop pair, but I never realized the knights were twins. Laughing  

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    Excellent game by Dzinzi,instructive.

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    Thank you Roman.   Very instructive video.

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    I enjoyed your video and will watch it again and again until I have learned all of the points you are teaching.You are my favorite video instructor.THX

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    Thank you Roman - very clear and neat - you are excellent lecturer!

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    Thanks Roman. I enjoyed the endgame very much. It is very instructive how you played Nf3-d1 to reach the b4 square rather than the more natural Nf3-d2-c4 and then how you ended up putting the opponent in zugzwang. Well done!

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    does this guy show any of his bad games?

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    Great video.  I thought you did a nice job of demonstrating how a simple positional threat turned into a python.  Once the weakness of the a6 pawn became clear, you threatened to gain a strong outpost and that was enough to force compounding weaknesses.  With the coup de grace of the king march, a brilliantly simple plan, the queenside just crumbled.  Keep them coming :)

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    If I were white, I would have made so many different (WRONG) moves, I would have been slaughtered even more quickly than I generally am.

    At this point, Roman has pulled slightly ahead of Pappa Bear for the video lead.  Will he pull away like Secretariat in the Belmont, or fade under the pressure?

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    really nice video.

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    Good video - I like trying to apply a squeeze in a game and probably wouldn't have done it if not for seeing great videos such as this!

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