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    nice video!

  • 3 years ago


    As usual Tiger delivers the goods!  Perfecto introduction!

  • 4 years ago


    I wish this tape told me everything i needed to know to play this opening. It is such a small amount of material being presented. It's like a tiny fraction of what I need.

  • 4 years ago


    This video was the first opportunity I've had to watch one of Tiger's, and I'm anxious to compliment his performance.  All due respect, I've found too many of the other instructors don't quite deliver as well on their advertised heart of the vid.  Tiger's delivery was too be applauded, as he actually stuck to the position advertised and showed only it from many different tactical situations and vantages.  It's what I've been waiting for in countless other vids, too often finding the result of an advertised opening or skill development is how an entire game played out from start to finish, with little--or sometimes no--mention of what I was supposed to be learning.  I hope IM Tiger's others are equally as fuliflling.  I'll find out soon.  Good luck, all.   

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    Lilov your videos are awesome with denseley packed information and are enjoyable to watch many times.  A video on the scotch game would be cool!  

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    The Na5 variation of two knights defense can be easily crushed by good play by white.  A variation to actually look at for black is b5 instead of Na5.  Make a video about the ulvestad variation.  It's so much better for black haha

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    How is this a beginner video =[ I am so lost....

  • 4 years ago


    Played 5... Nxd5 many times and won more blitz games than lost. White is probably better, but it is very difficult for White to win in this line. If White allows Black to play at least one developing move, Black manages to either exchange material or retreat his King into safety, and enjoy an extra piece.

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    DAMN THAT WAS AWWWWWWEEEEESOOOOMMMMEE>>>> keep it up tiger we r waiting for more!!!!!!!

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    At time index 19:40, why can't white grab the d pawn with his knight on f3? That is to say in the variation where white pushes the d pawn, after rook takes on e6, and Bxd6, it seems that white knight can capture by going Nf3 - Nxd6.

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    thank youCool

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    Fried Liver! 

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    Thanks for the video, it was really helpful. A+ Smile

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    FrenchMarie, you have to be a premium member to watch the full thing.

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    FrownThe rest of the video didnt work.  What'd he say after 4:05?

  • 4 years ago


    FM Valeri, always very nice to watch your concise and thorough beginner videoes!

  • 4 years ago


    I always look forward to your videos, and this one is another gem.  Tiger, you are a fabulous teacher.  Please keep this series going for as long as possible!!

  • 4 years ago


    Hey, coach! Good content. You do need to make sure to talk into the microphone. You mic is very directional, it appears, and there are many times in this video where the audio is muffled because you were not speaking directly into the mic.

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    Thanks mate...once again :D 

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