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    Billwalton, you're fully right: after black's waiting move white can't play Re5 because black simply plays Rxg7! diverting the king from defending the rook. The right move for white in that case is Re6+! and wherever the black king goes then white plays Re5 and wins the game.
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    Hello, I practice the Lucena position against the computer. Then I want to practice the Philidor defence against the computer, but it doesn't work. The computer always go the Lucena position, if I push the button ' play against the computer'. So, how can I practice the Philidor defence on

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    thanks. 👍

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    there are wrong things danny boy

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    Thank you.Had forgot the ideas from watching the video 2 years ago!Thanks

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    In the 2nd position why not RH5

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    Thank you - there is a lot of basic stuff I don't know!
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    At 8:10 when Danny says "come forward with the rook now that your king protects it", I think black has an immediate draw with Rxg7. When white recaptures Kxg7, his king has left the defense of his rook and black plays Kxe5. Is this correct? 

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    A "Light Bulb Moment"!!  I know the Lucena and the Philador but to use the Philador to stop the Lucena from being played - I hadn't made that connection before.....until now.  Thanks for another informative video....Cheers

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    Thanks for the video!

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    IM DanielRensch

    Thanks guys. We are working to improve this tool!

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    MatDenoncourt is correct.  The Java play key position vs computer here on incorrectly gives a draw on certain moves when it goes down to King vs King + Rook.  

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    GabrieleMiceli , your solution doesnt help, as the black king can still take the rook. Surely the simple Rf4 blocks any checks allowing the king to advance to f7 and promote the pawn

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    I've watched a lot of videos here and I think this series is the best on the entire website for tournament players.

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    King Stig is right :) First white must check with Re6+, black king moves and Then Rg5 winning!

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    At 8:09 : And how do you respond to Rxg7? (with the plan Kxg7 Kxe5) You just blundered the draw! ;)

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    Holes in my knowledge?! I've been a member for a while, My OTB rating had declined. So I started from the beginning of " study plans". There I found King and pawn knowledge, and rook and pawn knowledge. That I thought I knew?! I will master these subjects! Thanks! I believe this will help me become a expert/master. Rated 1600+, was almost 1900?!  Thanks again IM Rensch!

    Update 3/23/2016:


              ~Back again! seems my understanding is still lacking~

     update 5/13/2026:  (I got it!) My learning was too passive?!Embarassed

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     thanks IM Rensch. Helped me a lot

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