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    I have done the same thing numerous times in the past ( and  less frequently as I got older, but can still happen). You are so absorbed in your overall plan,  or sector of the board you completely forget about an en prise piece, thats on another side. Its happened to my queen, and rooks in particular.  Also forgetting about an opponents queen or bishops that is all the way across the board surrounded by his pawns, its like they disappear, and all thats there are pawns, and you completely forget that their bishop or queen was there. Usually its at b2, b7,g2,g7. But I have forgotten when their queen was e5 or f6 and I hadn't castled because I was so intent on pushing my a pawn to become a queen I completely forgot my rook on a1 was en prise to his queen. I was also winning that game, and should have won it, instead that oversight cost me the game.

    He took my rook with check, then he took my other rook, and my pawn didn't have its support that it needed. I lasted about 10 more moves, but with him giving numerous queen checks, it was ugly and really all over.

    Sometimes you can fight back and pull those games back to win, and those are classics. Thanks for sharing yours.

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    Super lesson! I've used that philosophy "new game" many times myself... even at a tournament last year I was on 3/4 and a win in round 5 would have got me 2nd place... I blundered a whole rook!! (???) "NO!" I basically screamed in my head, I walked up from the table, went outside for 5 minutes, recomposed and came back in, and ended up winning a whole piece with a lovely tactic then another pawn, draw was agreed after the queen trade. I'm a fighter for sure, gotta fight hard or go home lol, thanks for such a good lesson here! Cool

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    "New Game"


    This is one of those times when chess and life mirror each other. Thank you for this video my good sir.

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    I will certainly remember this advice.  Thanks.

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    Aha! So glad you said that @20:22  "you have to be a good fighter."

    The fight is where the fun lies..

    You practice the "Science" and perform the "Art"

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    @RyanMurphy After Rh8 Kc7 white still can't take on h6 because its protected.?

    Anyway Great lesson! "New Game" xD

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    Thanks for the great video! Cool game!

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    New game. Interesting and I will have lots of new games.

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    Rh8 instead of the in-game blunder wins the trapped knight or allows white to save his bishop and rook, so white is up a rook... I think?

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    Good game, good video, and great attitude!  I enjoyed this one.  :)

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    I also mostly depend on my talent, which is not very dependable.

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    very good , i think i mostly depend on my  talent

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    Awesome!!! thanks!

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    You gasped, I would probably shriek and faint...  great lesson again.... "NEW GAME" ... "NEW GAME"....

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    "New game." That's going to stick with me. I can instantly see it's value, helping me keep my cool. I'm already  calm under pressure, this will take it to the next level. Thx, GM K!

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    Thinking about the game after a blunder as a new game - as a challange, sounds.... motivating. Smile

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    "You have to learn to be a good fighter!"  "New Game".  Wonderful instruction about how to think after making my latest blunder.  Thank You Grandmaster Kaidanov.

    To be a good fighter is more important!

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