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    TQ SIR...

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    At 11:15 after Bxf7+ i thought the black king could reply Kf8. Then Qxg4 would lose the queen to Nxg4. I didnt calculate far enough into the position to realize that Nxe6# would follow.

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    It's a pity I can't hear anything! Please,, can you please have scripts for those like me who cannot hear anything through the Internet? Then we can read and learn!

    And I've seen people play f3.......what's the main idea behind the move? How does it work? And is it a good choice for White?

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    This video on the Najdorf Variation of the Sicilian Defense's other opening lines is just okay and leaves much to be desired.  It's too matter-of-fact and lacks interest - not well concieved - in this player's opinion.    

  • 7 years ago

    FM BecomeanIM

    Nice video :)

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    It is a pity that there are so less videos that you can watch without premium account... :(

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    Very good representation.

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