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    What happen if Qf3??? i can't figure it out..

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    Why don't these videos that are categorized under "Amazing Games" showing up when I select "All Categories"?? Dubious and suspicious. Undecided The only one that shows up is Sam's #9. 

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    So..I guess I'l watch, I should like leave right now. so, did anone else pick up on all of the So'z in this video...lolz

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    very interesting match ..specially the castling at the end !!!??

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    I'm still not convinced that Kasparov ever predicted that Short would be the challenger in '93; the only evidence I've seen indicates Kasparov made the comment ("it will be Short, and it will be short") after Short won the Candidates Matches.  The story is good for a quick laugh, but did Kasparov really make that claim "before the Candidates Matches  started," as GM Shankland states early on?  And again, while Short was definitely crushed in the WC match, 20 games is not short, especially by today's standards.

    That aside, I join the others who thank GM Shankland for this video lesson.

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    Exellent video. The presentation was very sharp, entertaining, well prepared and informative. I'm enjoying this Garry Kasparov series very much. Keep up the good work.

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    I think "This is Sam Shankland, signing off." was a big innovation.

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    Laughing Nice lesson Sam, thank you. I liked the castling at the end.

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    FM BecomeanIM


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    Fantastic game. Kasparov's Queen was rather inactive for much of the game stuck on a3, interesting how he managed to hold white down in spite of keeping his own King in the center... A delightful game to watch, really. Thanks, Mr. Shankland!

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    I wonder if Kasparov actually PREdicted that Short would win the Candidates' Matches in his "It will be Short" quote.  Or did he just say it AFTER Short won the CMs?

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    Does someone have an exact citation (when/where) for the "it will be Short" quote?  I thought he said that AFTER Short won the Candidates Matches to qualify for the '93 WC.  If so, the first part of the quote isn't really a prediction.  Also, while Kasparov certainly dominated the match (+6 -1 =13, so 12.5-7.5), I don't really know if a 20-game match (out of the maximum 24) can be called short, given that the maximum number of games for recent WC matches have been set at 12.  I suppose Kasparov's "prediction" would also be "correct" if he had lost 13 games in a row to Short.

    Yikes, Shankland refers to Short as "a fair player, I guess."  ?!?!  Dude was challenging for the WC against the greatest player of all time!  

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    Nice! I could watch a dozen more.

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    on Qe4 Rb1!! double exclam.. rxb1 leads to qxe4 forking the pieces....... queen obviously cant take b1 cuz its pined... so qxc6.... inbetween check rxg1+! kxg1 bxc6 hxf7+ king takes f7.. and this position is obviously lost for white.. i dunno about you guys but this is how id play on qe4... for teh lulz

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    I registered on this site today,however I still can't find the full version of this video. Do I have to pay for it?

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    no subtitle ?

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    A super game, Kasparov is a "cooler dog" 0-0 no fear before g4 .   Gratolation Kasparov

    Kasparov ist wie eine Lawine ---Gewaltig

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    This video was online last week...

    I saw it when I clicked on it in the related videos link.

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