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    ok... video stops before greatest moves... unfair guys...

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    iuventis, I was able to watch the whole video by making sure I was logged in first.

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    This is the list of a contrarian, especially #1. One sees straight away that there's something weird about this list when one notices that Bobby Fischer hasn't made it.

    Also, not impressed that as a premium Platinum but not Diamond member I am unable to view the full videos.

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    @hugobob apparently you missed the part where Karpov had to win. Kasparov became world champion with a draw.

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  • 2 years ago


    I hardly see how this can be such a great move, since on move 36, Karpov should have taken the queen right away instead of the pawn. If he had had done that, 5 min of Stockfish indicates a draw (+/- 0.00). What happened is that Karpov blundered (he felt to about -4) by taking the pawn, that's it. Maybe Kasparov played well in terms of "doing odd stuff that will eventually help you later in the game", but in terms of deep calculations, it wasn't the #1 move in chess history.

  • 5 years ago


    Fischer's Queen sac along with his Na4 move in his game against Bryne deserves at least #7 or #8. Fischer was only 13 years old at this time, and his analysis is very, very, impressive. 

  • 6 years ago


    Excellent job, video and series. The moves f5 followed by the later g5 was absolutely amazing. 

  • 6 years ago


    no bobby fischer?

  • 6 years ago


    Good game. Good move. But I still prefer some of the old classics from Morphy and Anderssen like the Opera House Game and the Immortal Game and the numerous sacrifices in those games. 

  • 6 years ago


    e5 at the end by Karpov immediately loses a number of ways.

  • 6 years ago


    Very good and instructive, thank you.

  • 6 years ago


    at the end of the game before white resigns,  why did he attack the rook instead of the queen with the discovered check?

  • 6 years ago


    Truely amazing. Can't thank enough for these videos. I watch them EVERY day/night.  Currently revisiting this video to lend me some ideas in a game in playing at the moment. (I noticed a typo in the description, "Campion") 

    Thanks for the vids, keep em coming!

  • 7 years ago


    Muhammad333, that was thebest game ever!  It realy did deserve the #1 spot, but alas, IM Sam Shankland does not think so. Thank you for the game!

  • 7 years ago


    Sam, at the move 37, when black played Rxb3, winning a knight, wouldn't 37 ... Nb4 be an improvement?

  • 7 years ago

    NM smalugu

    Sam question for you.. Instead of Rg3 why didn't karpov opt for Bf3 to stop the Knight? And for Ba8 instead of Rd6 how about a5? defending his queen? May be I could find the game somewhere and analyze is myself :P

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    You need to be a diamond member to see the whole video.

    The 1st move wow!

    Karpov v.s.Kasparov! Thanks for the video! Laughing Are you going to make other series?

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    I upgraded to become a platinum member just to see the rest of this clip. however I still get cut off at 4:09 just like i did before. WTF?

  • 7 years ago


    I just want to point out that I'm the first to notice that Sam was clever.

    Anand's move was a double piece sacrifice

    hence, 10 best moves :)

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