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    As the progression to checkmate advances, we may see a repetition of moves from the opponent's king but we would not see a repetition of positions so this doesn't matter, as we are moving to different positions each time.

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    Upon watching the king and rook vs. king pattern, I can't help but be concerned at the passivity of the stated pattern. What's to stop black from simply shuffle back and forth into threefold repetition, contrary to what's shown in the video (black mundanely plays along falling into opposition)
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    Two bishops checkmate explanation sucks, excuse my english. Same goes for the knight+bishop, no structured methodology whatsorever as opposed to excellent videos that can be found on youtube.

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    N+B checkmate can be hard to understand?!Frown

    See: Majnu2006 on YouTube.Innocent 

    You will know this mate in 20 minutes or less?!Surprised

    Great video: FM Liu Smile

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    Nice Liu, thanks for sharing your wonderful talent. It's very helpful your tips ;)

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    Posting approximate times for my own reference

    00:00 R+K vs K

    13:49 B+B+K vs K

    23:53 B+N+K vs K

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    Thanks Elliott will view it again
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    Is there a n+b mate cuz if there is I want 2 know it
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    Great lesson, a lot better than to get asleep above a book!!thank you Master!

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    this is not exactly a beginner checkmate because in some games people fAIL TO DELIVER CHECKMATE WITH KNIGHT AND BISHOP VS KINGOR BISHOP AND BISHOP VS KING. ROOK VS KING IS A BEGINNER LESSON

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    If you dont know the pattern I doubt you will be able to do it within the 50 moves needed. It is tough but it is a forced win, as shown.

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    why is it always a puzzle to mate 'BLACK' 

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    Nice video from Elliott (together with Valeri Lilov my two favorite instructors on the site). From 35:12 onward, it's unfortunate though that the same technique that got white that far is put overboard. The white king suddenly moves away from the 6th rank and the zigzag movement of the knight between the 7th and 5th rank is put on hold. Why not continue the way we started, as described on (Wikipedia calls it the "W-manoeuvre")? It's almost a complete mirror of the first couple of moves, which makes it easier to follow:

    Be4 Kd8

    Kd6 Ke8

    Bg6+ Kd8

    Bf7 (remember the Bh7 move?) Kc8

    Nc5 (remember the Ne5 move?) Kb8 (if Kd8 -> Nb7, Kc8, Kc6. See 32:52)

    Kc6 (remember the Ke6 move?) Ka7

    Nb7 (remember the Nd7 move?) Ka6

    Bc4+ (remember the Bd3 move?) Ka7

    And in the same vein:

    Bd3 Kb8

    Kb6 Kc8

    Bf5+ Kb8

    Nc5 Ka8

    Be6 Kb8

    Na6+ Ka8


    In the end, just make sure that the white king is a "knight's move" away from the black king and everything will be fine. Good video to practise one's mating technique, even though in real life the position is rarely played.

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    Thanks for the instruction. I am sure I will watch this video again.

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