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    you're the best teacher thanks fot the video :)

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    good game Keaton! Perhaps your opponent should have gone for the extra pawn variation.

    Instructive video. thanks

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    Keaton,thanks for your video .your are real good teacher.Its butter thorough knife like precision

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    IM Ginsburg covers this game in his nice video on positional chess and explains why Nd7 by black after 13. Rc1 is actually a mistake because instead of taking gxh g5! where white stands much better.  A good video explaining the black side of this structure, especially your conversion of the ending.  Thanks!

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    Here is what I have noted to remember:

    Which way to go? Q+N vs. 2R+B, or Q+N vs. Q+B, or R+N vs. R+B? Certainly it's not an easy decision. Usually a bishop is going to be a little bit stronger than a knight, and a rook and bishop is usually going to be a bit stronger than a rook and knight, however, a queen and knight usually dominate a queen and bishop, because a queen and bishop can only create threats on one colour of square, but the queen and knight can attack different colours of squares and create a lot of mating threats.

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    excellent video

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    Really like this lecture.  Thanks.!

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    Just starting out with some dragon games so I was looking forward to this part two.

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    is this hard or what? 

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    i just love it!!!!!!!!!!!

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    IT is a very nice lesson!!!very good!

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    NM BMcC333

    I have a few students who play the Dragon and have taught both Nxd4 and d5. The Nxd4 line is much easier for most people to learn particularly when the d5 line used to mean an exchange sacrifice on f8.

    Thanks to some 2700/2800 games the d5 line with Bxd4 and Qb6 is now all the rage but Robson just lost today to Dominquez but it seems he went wrong in a pretty even endgame. 35...a5 instead or Re5?! may have saved him.

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    NM BMcC333

    VLMJ> @ the name: There are chess writers, Soltis, Gufeld to name 2, who claim the Dragon was named after the constellation not the monster, but this seems extremely illogical imo, since they are overlooking the fact the constellation was named after the monster. Ssometimes in science people repeat the same introductory line from paper to paper. This seems the case with this claim. Maybe someone can explain the difference to me.

    The bottom line is someone thought the pawn structure d6 e7 f7 g6 h7 looks like a dragon (in fantasy literature or the sky), but i am not sure which way is the head or tail.

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    Is it possible to download this video if we premimum? 

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    very enjoyable, good plays well explained

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    Oh allright, my mistake, I dunno much about that, thanks for clarifying.

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    I liked this video! Didn't know Forrest Gump is a chessplayer, among all other things. Very talented guy!

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