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    @1kaustav1 Except that after 8...exd4, white's worse

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    really fantastic

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    Kt d3 Exclam! lol awesome video as usual

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    Everyone here is invited to join...
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    Absolutely love love love your videos ! thanks sincerely. just used this where white plays Qc2 with a3 and b3 and killed the game

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    There is alot to follow, so I found that Chess Position Trainer is a great tool to keep this all together.

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    Absolutely first class!

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    Charleylook, white plays an early c5 you can just play exd4 winning a pawn. if black plays bxa6? you can play pxc3 and if he recaptures the pawn instead with nxd4 then you can play nxc5

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    Excellent teacher. He speaks slow and makes clear every idea that this variation brings. 

    Good work Eugene!

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    At 20:52 in the video, what if white plays e6 instead of taking on b7?  Rybbka says to take but... what are your thoughts coach E?

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    dear Mr. CharleyLook,

    I can answer the question instead of Mr. Eugene(forgive me!).I think that your query is extremely logical.After 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 Bg7 4. e4 d6 5.Nf3 0-0 6. Be2 Na6?! 7. 0-0 e5 8. c5!? is possible,hitting the a6 Knight and the d6 pawn,and black has the following options :-

    1. Nb8

    2. Nb4

    3. b6

    4. It can leave the knight where it is.

    Unfortunately,Nb8 makes the whole thing pointless and personally,I'd never play it.

    8. ... Nb4 tries to provoke a weakness on b3 after 9. a3, but this loses to 9. a3 Nc6 10. d5 Ne7 which makes Na6 pointless.

    8. ... b6!? is probably the best option as it challenges the c-pawn and prepares to put the bishop on the b7 Buckingham Palace where it ravages the a8-h1 diagonal.

    no. 4 makes no sense to me(i suppose you could analyze it.)

    and finally,I thought of b6 myslf, i swear(I like to show off!!)

    yours faithfully,


    Kaustav Prasad

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    Dear Mister Eugene Perelshteyn ,

    What if white desides te play intead of d5, c5 ? attacking the knight and kind of mixing up black pawns .. perhaps the knight has to retreat to b8? I don't know iff white or black has some advantage after this move.. I dont u frits or houdini or someting yet so i hope to find out maybe anyone know's here ?


    Kind Regards,


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    Amazing video on the most fun KID variation!  

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    CM JorgeFerreira

    Fantastic, fantastic Eugene!!!!!!

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    Excellent video! Keep up the good work.

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    This couldn't be e xplained any better ! so many books are written on openings by IM AND GM'S that rarely play the opening they are writing about. this GM plays the opening a lot so i really trust what he says !i wish he would write a book on the KID . i have many,but these lessons are by far the best !!!!!!!!!!! thank youuuuuuuu! 

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    Can you always play the knight on a6? what if for instance white plays an early bg5, can I still play that move? I know it's a general question

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