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    Very insightful to once again
  • 19 months ago


    Good one!

  • 3 years ago


    awesome!! i"ll watch this everynight!

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    Its beginning to get quite interesting to dedicate one year to study Dannys videos intensively and ONLY his videos. Even two weeks in he has laid the seeds for something to grow.

    Imagine him as a gardner. He takes the time to nurture your mind to grow, and one day you might be a big flourishing oak tree.

    Other teachers I see as flower decoraters. It looks really nice but eventually you will wither from the lack of roots.

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    Another gem of a video.Thanks

  • 4 years ago

    IM DanielRensch

    Thanks to everyone who enjoyed this video and the series!

    @Charlemagno -- This is an endgame series Wink -- subscribing to as a Diamond Member is much better than buying one DVD series after another, isn't it?


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    I calculated that variation but after I saw that the bishop could stop the a-pawn from queening I stopped, assuming that it wouldn't work. What I missed is that on the other side of the board there's a connected passed pawn. So the king could never come over and take it because the other guy would just be queening.

    Very tricky, nice series!

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    Very nice explained! Why not to consider making a complete Course of Endgames and sell it as a DVD?... I would like to buy it at once! 

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    I have rook and 5 pawns vs. knight and 5 pawns with my king a little more active. Both the knight and rook are super active, rook on 7th, knight in perfect position.

    Hopefully I can use some of this information!

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    white e4 to f4

    or black h2 to a2

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    great video as always. please when you give us time to think remove arrows from the screen :)

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    shivo, videos are for paying members. You only see a short clip of the full video, which, as stated in the description above, is 26 minutes long.

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    Excellent and very practical lecture, Danny! I'll remember this for a long time: technique requires not only planning but a lot of hard work (i.e., calculation).

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    I wonder how much Erik would pay as ransom for FM Daniel Rensch and his Video Series...

    Great Video, but you didn't need me to tell you that :)

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