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    Thanks, Mark

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    I could only see 4:12 min of the lecture.

    Is it all of that lecture?

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    Nice as first one.Thanks.

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    Nice video!

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    IM Nezhmet

    Go ahead and post your ideas in the article site 



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    What a small minded person you are Dienekes, for mentioning a lecturer keeping his committment to deliver a lesson and shoulder on despite a bit of congestion that I did not notice until you put down a guy that you should have cmplimented only. This is gooing to be an excellent series. I would hazard that you would have devoted to much time  looking for a filter that could have been better devoted as he obviously did to devloping the excellent content he provided in his presentation.

    I nave also heard far too many negative prejudicial comments on these brilliant players' accents, grammar and missed understanding of say, synonyms. I'll just leave it at that; but I could have written pages to small minded people such as yourself, but I fear it would be beyond your intellectual grasp.

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    Excellent, clear analysis. Thanks for the obvious effort that went into this instructional video. My only bit of constructive feedback is to somehow eradicate the nasal whistling prevalent throughout the audio.

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    Very interesting theory

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    NM Petrosianic

    Fascinating!  Especially the position at 5:42 with the pawn on b5.  It would be good to know, too, at what points alternatives exist for white and black in the latter game since some 27 moves of the game line were stated as theory and especially b/c Black's road to equality seems to me quite narrow; white has more space and had the initiative the entirety of the latter game. I find these positions quite a challenge to evaluate.  I will have to see your first video :-) .  I hope you continue this series!

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    Good stuff



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    IM DanielRensch

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    For the artical, just go to the top of the page and click on read, then articals ( at top ), and schroll down till you find it.

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    I'm wondering why Bhat didn't play 17. Kh1 (not Qd4?!) if theory had already established that to be the more accurate move. Looking at Hansen vs. McShane, it seems daunting for Black to know some 24 moves of theory in the Grunfeld Exchange Spassky Variation and then know how to draw the game -- I guess winning is out of the question -- based on a chess engine continuation. Holy cow!

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    I guess video authors have deadlines to meet. It does sound like Mark had a horrible cold. His first video was awesome. I hope he feels much better on his thrid video, as his speaking voice was a bit distracting.

    Also, as a musician, music teacher and recording artist - I wonder if can provide the video authors with professional microphones. Some of the videos are of broadcast quality, while others sound like cheap mics were used. Just a suggestion to improve the quality of video instruction, as the authors are pro level chess players and should have quality equipment to produce great sounding videos. Smile

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    good sound like you had a dreadful cold,i hope you are feeling better

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    Thank you,

    My only criticism is that you mention this article, although there does not seem to be any obvious way to get to this article. I suggest that you post a link on the description of the video.

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