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    very good!

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    At exactly 13:00 what about 1...Qc2 ?

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    I miss one important person in video lesson.. It is IM Mark

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    I watched it again after the first viewing two months ago. The pawn break by white with the follow-up move of the bishop was explained in great detail. Thank you. 

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    Very vivid explanation of the interesting game.Thank you for sharing!Good tactics  ,but hard to see.

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    great, thanks.

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    Outstanding teaching! Smile

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    it all sounded pretty good to me however i think most of it was probably going over my head as i am nowhere near playing on that level Smile

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    Thanks for really excellent lecture with a lot of good points and nice tactics. Good teacher for sure.

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    Some weeks back you gave us an excellent reading list. Going forward I hope for like guidance on software. Thank you.

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    IM Nezhmet

    To Mischa:  post your thoughts on the article


    The answer is that ...g6 is well motivated, but exposes the dark squares in a hidden way at this exact moment.  That is why 16. e5! is so strong.  The exact move order is incredibly important with white's aggressive placement of the bishops. In most Hedgehogs, the move order is not so important and white doesn't have this kind of suprising tactical resource.  The resource is all about Be4, opposing the white bishops, to get to the dark squares.  Very advanced stuff here.


    To cryptic_cave:  For database, some people like ChessBase, and others like Chess Assistant.  I get the feeling they might be very close in capability.

    For chess engines, both the latest Fritz and the latest Rybka are world-class.

    Personally I run the latest ChessBase and the latest Rybka.   For content (PGN games)  I use TWIC (This Week in Chess) to get recent PGN free updates.  I subscribe to Chess Today (GM Baburin's newsletter) to get, every day, PGN files (annotated by GMs such as Golubev) and once a month Chess Today sends a big CBV file (Chess Base archive file) to subscribers. 

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    Very instructive

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    Nice video!

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    Lots of moves may have "logic" as claimed in this video, but where is the "logic" that black is lost after playing g6?  All his moves made sense and seemed pretty logical to me.  I sense a bit of "both ways" about this claim, or trying to have your cake and eat it.  Nice analysis and some good tactics, but that is what we get in these days of computers.

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    good vid :)

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