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    Makes sense!!

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    Interesting. Thanks GM Dzindzi. I liked it.

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    which is the best and most dynamic opening response for black against d4??

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    grankle "If Roman says its bad, then its bad."

    Trusting anyones opinion 100% without coming to your own assesment is a losing move.

    Roman "will be refuted soon" 

    I dont understand this statement as time after time through out chess history we can mark questionable ideas being "refuted" and then new ideas bringing life back into them.

    To me this is the wonderful part of chess (to have strong clashes of opinions at play struggling to find purchase). 


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    I love Roman's vids.

    Straight talk.

    "If you go h4 and you win. God forbid you win. It's not good idea to win. Cause you may like it, you may do it again, and this is bad."

    Great lesson on not re-enforcing bad play even with good results.

    Excellent vid as always!

    Thank you Roman!

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    Thank you Roman for providing much food for thought but also thanks to NNHSChess and others for a balancing viewpoint!

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    I agree this move violates opening principles;but can be tricky in bullet games.

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    very instructive...

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    Nice video!

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    i loved this video<all the critics should look closely at themselves.this is a sure winner

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    Excellant Tutotial!

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    Roman is an awesome video author, I look forward to his videos. Smile Even on the Grunfeld!

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    NM BMcC333

    Dzindzi jumped into the middle of a hot opening without all the T's crossed and i's dotted. It says that in the intro to the video. I was entertained by his instincts. I tell students to try lines with only a basic knowledge of the main lines so they can see where they want to play and study. 

    I agree with him, this is a garbage line that will not last long. Theory in this opening is extremely long winded, as Roman points out. I don't blame white for giving up equals to ambush people with a new idea or some comp moves but I think time will tell that Roman was right to defend the classicall ideas. 

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    I always enjoy your videos- usually top class, but this presentation was so long winded

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    "If you win with H4, God forbid. God forbid, if you win." Classic !!!

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    Roman Dzindzichashvili teaches chess classes for University. Check it out:

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    i'm sorry GM RD, but your presentation here is very 'emotional' and simply disorganized compared to your usually well-prepared videos. I only come out of this video with a sense of violation of chess principles. If top GMs are playing the move, there must be sufficient computer analysis to back it up. the 'time-will-tell' approach u propose isn't ur usual approach to opening theory. Seems like u are deliberately stirring up a great debate so that perhaps others will do the analysis for u--i don't know, but 'sensing a bad outcome' seems counterproductive to your usual style, and to your fans who expect the typical high-quality analysis u provide.

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    It's very funny that Roman says "take it on faith", he misses plenty of white's alternatives and doesn't discuss them at all. I realize that this would take a while to do, but ranting on about how its a bad opening, and not discussing the concrete lines is a failure here.

    For example after 5.h4 c5 6.dxc5 Be6 7.h5 Nxh5 (O-O hxg6 hxg6 Nd4, I don't understand how black is close to equal, white's position is very pleasant, it'll be a similiar situation to the main variation) 8.Ng5, black's pawn structure is to be a mess with doubled isolated pawns on the e-file, i think white is doing very well here, havent anaylzed it with a computer yet.

    Also after 5..dxc4 (which I do believe is black's best try atm) 6.e4 O-O 7.h5 c5 8.hxg6 hxg6 9.d5 b5, 10.Ng5, protecting e4 so now that Nxe4 isnt possible, is rather annoying for black to handle.

    I checked this line after the Grishuk-Carlsen game happened and tbh, I thought white was doing very well after 10..b4 11.Na4 Qa5 12.Bxc4

     this position is very sharp for both sides, I do not believe this position is worse for white though


    It should be mentioned that Carlsen's response against the h4 line is probably the safest, with 5..c6

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