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Lebnani (2520 - FIDE Rating 2461) VS -MESHUGGAH- (1632) 0 - 1 5 min


  • 19 months ago


    GG friends

  • 20 months ago



  • 20 months ago


  • 20 months ago


    very well played with black... some very good players just can't stand losing, as they're not used to it. keep up improving!

  • 21 months ago


    It was really crushing 5 min game! We had both a lot of time on our clocks so the blunders made by my opponent wasn`t result of time trouble. I won because I did some simple tactics and nothing more. After the game he told me nasty things and accused me of cheating, and btw we played unrated so I don`t see the point. I really want to became better at chess and cheating isn`t the way.  If you dont belive that I don`t cheat just check my games with engine, and if I played perfect moves report me. Check out game and post your commets! Smile

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