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Check Out My New Twitch Channel's Thumbnail

Check Out My New Twitch Channel

NM SamCopeland 23 hrs ago

Hi chess players  I recently opened a Twitch channel at twitch.tv/samcopeland and am streaming puzzles, tournaments, 4-player chess, and whatever else piques my and the viewers' interest. Here's a highlight from a recent stream with a tense...

Introducing Chessbrah Compilations!'s Thumbnail

Introducing Chessbrah Compilations!

ChessBrah 1 day ago

Hey Guys, It's been a busy season here at Chessbrah. Aman is traveling Europe trying to get the GM title while here in Canada we've been stockpiling chess content. Lots of streaming and new directions for the channel. With two interns and a b...

Free Live Chess Classes With Chess University!'s Thumbnail

Free Live Chess Classes With Chess University!

GeniusKJ 2 days ago

Dear Chess Friends, It's not Christmas yet, but Chess University is pleased to present you with two completely free live online chess seminars this December. They are intended for different rating levels, but everybody is free to choose one, or e...

Can Siri Explain AlphaZero?'s Thumbnail

Can Siri Explain AlphaZero?

FM MikeKlein 3 days ago

AlphaZero's technology could be groundbreaking, but is leaving the chess world with so many questions. Maybe AlphaZero's little sister, Siri, can help? An actual conversation I had this morning with Siri on my iPhone... Siri, are you afraid of...

Russian Championship Stats's Thumbnail

Russian Championship Stats

Spektrowski 3 days ago

The comments for the Russian championship results are closed for some reason, so I'll correct the things a bit in my blog. Both Botvinnik and Tal won six Soviet championships, and the record of most Russian SFSR championship wins in the Soviet t...

Italian, Two Knights Defense, Ulvestad Variation!?'s Thumbnail

Italian, Two Knights Defense, Ulvestad Variation!?

IndreRe 3 days ago

Sometimes the main line of an opening is really well known, but there is a secondary line that is very dangerous unless your opponent knows the refutation. One example is the Ruy Lopez, Marshall Attack, Steiner Variation which I wrote about here. ...

London Chess Classic 2017 Round-Up's Thumbnail

London Chess Classic 2017 Round-Up

GM alexcolovic 4 days ago

A round-up of the last classical elite tournament of the year. I am still shocked at what they failed to win... http://www.alexcolovic.com/2017/12/caruana-nepo-carlsen-win-london-2017/

What we can learn from AlfaZero?'s Thumbnail

What we can learn from AlfaZero?

GM Malev212 7 days ago

I like to discuss the fuss about AlfaZero. Some people, even chess players are praising it as something they never saw before and the authors behind AlfaZero wish to convey us that they created something which could learn chess in four hours an...

Concrete Problems, Part 1's Thumbnail

Concrete Problems, Part 1

chesster3145 8 days ago

    I have serious mixed feelings about the "two introductory paragraphs" requirement. So many times it keeps me from getting right to the point. But this time it gave me tons of material, so I can forgive it for now.   ...

Please Join Us For Our 100 Followers Celebration!!!'s Thumbnail

Please Join Us For Our 100 Followers Celebration!!!

EOGuel 8 days ago

Hello, guys! First off, I REALLY appreciate your support and enthusiasm for my posts. The comments don't say enough how excited I am. As mentioned earlier, once I get to 100 followers, we will have a bash. All of my followers are invited...

Levon Aronian Bandwagon's Thumbnail

Levon Aronian Bandwagon

EOGuel 12 days ago

As many of you know, the stage is set for the 2018 Candidates Tournament in Berlin, and all eight players have been selected to participate in this prestigious tournament. It appears that in a field of many strong players (Caruana, So, Mamedy...

The Secret of Chess?'s Thumbnail

The Secret of Chess?

GM smurfo 15 days ago

A couple of months ago, I received a curious email:   Hello, Mr. Smerdon, I recently published an innovative book on chess knowledge/evaluation, 'The Secret of Chess'.  It is written very much in the vein of Nimzovich's and Kmoch...


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