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Simul game on Sunday at 9:00 am's Thumbnail

Simul game on Sunday at 9:00 am

IM attilaturzo 2 days ago

Would you like to play against an International Master? I am Attila Turzo, an International Master and Chess Coach and I would like to invite you to play with me in a simuls on the LIVE chess.com server with 30 minuter per player plus 30 seconds ...

SuperNationals 2017 Experience's Thumbnail

SuperNationals 2017 Experience

NM Mr_Penings 4 days ago

So here's yet another blog post about a chess tournament experience! This time, SuperNationals! To keep the prestige of the name, this blog post will also be "super", and will include lots of pictures and all that good stuff. I will write about al...

I'm Back's Thumbnail

I'm Back

IM dpruess 6 days ago

This "announcement" will not come as much of a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to my chess activities, coming as it does more than a year late. I started doing occasional ChessTV shows as time permitted last year, including the 20...

Chess.com Dev Update: May 12, 2017's Thumbnail

Chess.com Dev Update: May 12, 2017

News 10 days ago

Hey Chess.com! An ironic twist in this week's developers update: if you didn't notice much that looked different in the last couple weeks, that means the developers have been hard at work and doing a good job! We're continuing to make progress a...

Enroll in May 2017 Prodigy Program with Vishy Anand!'s Thumbnail

Enroll in May 2017 Prodigy Program with Vishy Anand!

GeniusKJ 13 days ago

Five-time World Champion GM Vishy Anand is back to teach in the May 2017 month of the Prodigy Program - the program that helped create the youngest-ever chess master in American history! Registration for the May 2017 month of the Prodigy ...

Two Ideas Against the KIA's Thumbnail

Two Ideas Against the KIA

GM alexcolovic 15 days ago

As an invitation to join my Inner Circle, I share with you a sample of my newsletter. In this one I suggest two ideas against the KIA (the "attack" in the name being rather misleading, in my opinion). Enjoy it here.

The Conspiracies of Valery Salov, Part 2's Thumbnail

The Conspiracies of Valery Salov, Part 2

Spektrowski 15 days ago

Continued from Part 1. Surov: I'll try to go to that. I've got a "fresh head" here on the platter, and I've been trying to attach some wires to it to make it talk. Evgeny Sidorov, hello! Evgeny Sidorov: Hi! Surov: What questions do you have ...

The Conspiracies of Valery Salov, Part 1's Thumbnail

The Conspiracies of Valery Salov, Part 1

Spektrowski 15 days ago

The interview I'm going to show you is... controversial and bizarre, to say the least. GM Valery Salov at one time was among the world championship contenders (and has a good score against many of his contemporaries), but in the late 1990s, he beg...

Simple yet difficult endgame Rook vs. Bishop's Thumbnail

Simple yet difficult endgame Rook vs. Bishop

FM Vandros45 15 days ago

The endgame rook vs. bishop in the following diagram with black to move, appears to be simple. However, soon one may discover that black has some problems to draw.The square a8 is of the same colour as the squares that are controlled by...

Gashimov Memorial 2017's Thumbnail

Gashimov Memorial 2017

GM alexcolovic 16 days ago

The tournament finished some time ago, but I never had the time to take a look at it properly. Now I wanted to share with you some of the ideas I had during the tournament and also after it finished. The post is here - http://www.alexcolovic....

QCD Sg Chess League - Rounds 1 to 3's Thumbnail

QCD Sg Chess League - Rounds 1 to 3

IM IM_Kgwm 16 days ago

The QCD Sg Chess League is a joint initiative between the QCD Group and the SCF and is a refreshing and welcome change to the largely junior-focused events that we have seen in abundance in Singapore. Players have to be above the age of 20 in orde...

Blitz Chess #392: King's Indian Defense, Makogonov's Thumbnail

Blitz Chess #392: King's Indian Defense, Makogonov

NM ChessNetwork 17 days ago

A dynamic battle often arises out of the King's Indian Defense. How might things vary, if at all, from the Makogonov variation? A critical moment presents itself as early as move 9. Capturing on f5 would lead to a dynamic battle, and not capturing...

Grenke Open 2017, game analysis, part 2's Thumbnail

Grenke Open 2017, game analysis, part 2

FM HustleTime 20 days ago

Hey guys! It's been a while since Part 1 of my game analysis at Grenke Open, but finally here it comes! After first 3 rounds I had 2 points out of 3 (see more about how it happened here), with no surprises so far.  Round 4 I was paire...

Proud Chess Coach Moment's Thumbnail

Proud Chess Coach Moment

NM CoachJKane 21 days ago

Hi Chess Friends, I don't have anything exciting to report from my most recent tournament games, but I do want to show a recent game by a fifth grade student of mine. He recently gained 100 points in a 4 game tournament by beating three higher ra...

2 positional games in the Scandinavian, & Announcement's Thumbnail

2 positional games in the Scandinavian, & Announcement

IM IM_Kgwm 22 days ago

In the last 5-6 years, I had acquired somewhat of a reputation as an openings-based type of player who relies significantly on "having a powerful serve", as my friend Junior Tay likes to say. Additionally, my aggressive style has led GM Wong Meng ...

5 Free Chess Ebooks's Thumbnail

5 Free Chess Ebooks

GeniusKJ 23 days ago

Here are five chess books that are out of copyright and may be downloaded legally for FREE: https://chessuniversity.com/free-chess-ebooks/ You're welcome!

Blitz Chess #391: French Defense, Winawer's Thumbnail

Blitz Chess #391: French Defense, Winawer

NM ChessNetwork 24 days ago

The French Winawer can very often lead to an imbalanced strategic battle. More specifically one where white has the two bishops and a compromised queenside structure, the very side of the board black looks to exploit due to the many holes in white...


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