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Comeback after 7 years's Thumbnail

Comeback after 7 years

IM attilaturzo 22 hrs ago

  After long thinking I decided to play again in an international tourney. I played a few team games in every year, but my last individual tourney was in 2010. I decided to give an another chance for me to give my best.  If it goes well, then...

2017 - Is this the year? :) (Part 2 out of 2)'s Thumbnail

2017 - Is this the year? :) (Part 2 out of 2)

NM HustleTime 1 day ago

Hi there   This is the Part 2 of the review covering my first couple of chess tournaments this year and illustrating all my struggles and sweats towards the ultimate goal! So in part 1 (which you see here) we off that I had scored 4 poin...

The Best Team?'s Thumbnail

The Best Team?

IM dpruess 1 day ago

After running numbers for the "Dream Teams" I turned my attention to the remaining teams, to see what their best lineups are, given how their players have performed so far this season. Despite following the league quite closely, I discovered a num...

Inspirational Quotes's Thumbnail

Inspirational Quotes

GM alexcolovic 2 days ago

I rarely find chess-related inspirational ones, mostly because I've read the most famous ones long ago. Here I present the more recent ones I've managed to find in different sources. Enjoy! http://www.alexcolovic.com/2017/03/inspirational-q...

How to find the best moves quickly?'s Thumbnail

How to find the best moves quickly?

IM JRgascon 3 days ago

Chess players often tell me that they can find the correct moves during home analysis, but they cannot find them during practical game-play. If given enough time, these players can find the best moves. The problem, however, is that in a real game ...

Shirov's brilliant move's Thumbnail

Shirov's brilliant move

GM LuckyTiger 3 days ago

What do you appreciate more of all in chess? There are many good points about our beloved game, but today I would say that I enjoy more of all the ideas - spectacular, unbelievable, extraordinary... Once you see something like this, you never forg...

Cuándo y cómo atacar al enroque enemigo's Thumbnail

Cuándo y cómo atacar al enroque enemigo

FM LuisFSiles 3 days ago

Existen muchos jugadores que piensan que siempre se debe atacar al rey enemigo. Parece lógico, puesto que si la finalidad del juego es conseguir jaque mate... ¡ataquemos al rey! Pero el ajedrez no funciona así. En realidad hay ...

Aprende a jugar la Apertura Italiana's Thumbnail

Aprende a jugar la Apertura Italiana

FM LuisFSiles 3 days ago

La Apertura Italiana es una de las más antiguas que existen y ha sido la favorita de grandes jugadores de ajedrez. En nuestros días el campeón mundial Magnus Carlsen la juega ocasionalmente, precisamente usando el esquema que ...

Opening Tactics Puzzle's Thumbnail

Opening Tactics Puzzle

GeniusKJ 4 days ago

As we're now covering openings in the Prodigy Program again, I thought it would be useful to send everybody an exercise on opening tactics and dynamics. Black has played an awkward ...b6 move in the following position. How can White punish Black f...

PRO Chess League Dream Team's Thumbnail

PRO Chess League Dream Team

IM dpruess 5 days ago

If you could pick any 4 players from the current PRO Chess League season, and put them together on a legal (2500) lineup, what is the strongest team you could make? What would be the Dream Team that could 90% defeat the Gnomes, Snowballs, Chessbra...

Self-Paced Prodigy Program (Start With January 2017)'s Thumbnail

Self-Paced Prodigy Program (Start With January 2017)

GeniusKJ 6 days ago

Did you know that you can study in the Prodigy Program at your own pace? After we finish teaching a live Prodigy Program month, we make the lessons available as a recorded course that students can go through at their own pace. The starting point...

The Double Fianchetto Solution's Thumbnail

The Double Fianchetto Solution

GM alexcolovic 8 days ago

Analysis of my black games from the PRO Chess League where I used the double fianchetto. The final score of 4.5/5 exceeded all my expectations! http://www.alexcolovic.com/2017/03/double-fianchetto-solution/

PRO Chess League Playoff Week 3 Predictions's Thumbnail

PRO Chess League Playoff Week 3 Predictions

TarjeiJS 8 days ago

48 teams have become 8 and it's getting really exciting as the PRO Chess League has reached its quarterfinals!I am second in the pundit prediction contest, so I'll need to score 4 out of 4 if I am going to have a chance to catch up with leader Ale...

New Feature: Live Club Matches's Thumbnail

New Feature: Live Club Matches

News 8 days ago

Last year, we were thrilled to announce the arrival of Club Tournaments in Live Chess, bringing all the excitement of Live to intra-club competition! Today, we're just as excited - if not more so! - to introduce Live Club Matches! Now Cl...



shaun 8 days ago

One thing became ultimately clear last week, and that's that having a Super GM on your team is a real advantage.  Now, would this be true if their full rating was averaged into the team's stats?  I don't know.  But what I do know is...

One of my best games's Thumbnail

One of my best games

IM attilaturzo 11 days ago

Máté Csarmasz This is one of my best games. I played it in the hungarian junior championship when I was 17 years old. Please tell your opinion and leave a comment! Thank you for your attention. Have a wonderful day!  You can find m...

Simul game at 11:30 am New York time's Thumbnail

Simul game at 11:30 am New York time

IM attilaturzo 12 days ago

  Would you like to play against an International Master? I am Attila Turzo, an International Master and Chess Coach and I would like to invite you to play with me in a simuls on the LIVE chess.com server with 30 minuter per player plu...

2017 - Is this the year? :) (Part 1 out of 2)'s Thumbnail

2017 - Is this the year? :) (Part 1 out of 2)

NM HustleTime 12 days ago

Hi there, It has been a while since my last blog-post here on chess.com, which doesn't mean I have given up on my chess journey, in fact, quite the opposite. We are almost 2,5 months in the year 2017 and so much have happened! As some of you a...


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