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Long Time Comin''s Thumbnail

Long Time Comin'

beth_thrasher 1 day ago

THE JOURNEY CONTINUES Its been about 3 months since I've blogged about the Wingfield Chess Team.  To catch up on our story, click the following link... (https://www.chess.com/blog/beth_thrasher/saving-lives-in-mississippi-birth-of-the-wingf...

Seattle Sluggers Strike Out Australia Kangaroos's Thumbnail

Seattle Sluggers Strike Out Australia Kangaroos

PROChessLeague 2 days ago

The Seattle Sluggers took down the Australia Kangaroos 9-7 in a nail-biting back and forth match. The secret sauce for the Sluggers was board three IM Bryce Tiglon who defeated the Kangaroos' top three boards! However, the Kangaroos had plenty o...

Dallas Destiny And San Diego Surfers Deadlock's Thumbnail

Dallas Destiny And San Diego Surfers Deadlock

PROChessLeague 2 days ago

The Dallas Destiny held the San Diego Surfers to a draw in a well played match on both sides. On paper the Surfers outmatched the Destiny in terms of rating, however the Destiny were up to the challenge. In round 2, the Surfers' top board, GM...

San Jose Hackers Shut Down Rio Grande Ospreys's Thumbnail

San Jose Hackers Shut Down Rio Grande Ospreys

PROChessLeague 2 days ago

Game forfeiture? No problem. Roster substitution penalty? Sounds good. The Hackers eked out a 9-6 victory over the Ospreys even after absorbing what amounted to a two point penalty when their top board, GM Rauf Mamedov, forfeited round one and was...

Chengdu Pandas Dispatch Las Vegas Desert Rats's Thumbnail

Chengdu Pandas Dispatch Las Vegas Desert Rats

PROChessLeague 2 days ago

Pandas are known for not doing much other than eating and sleeping. After Thursday's 10.5-5.5 drubbing we'll have to add brilliant chess to the list. The Pandas stunned the Desert Rats with precise, unrelenting play and their winning margin was th...

Feb 2018 Prodigy Program Lite + Updates's Thumbnail

Feb 2018 Prodigy Program Lite + Updates

GeniusKJ 2 days ago

Hello everybody, I hope the new year is off to a great start for you. As you may have heard, we redesigned the Prodigy Program this January to have it fully self-paced with the live lessons only as extra perks. If you're serious about improvin...

Ljubljana Turtles Sneak By London Towers's Thumbnail

Ljubljana Turtles Sneak By London Towers

PROChessLeague 3 days ago

The Ljubljana Turtles snuck by the London Towers with a score 9.5-6.5. The Turtles' board one, GM Luka Lenič, notched a perfect score which was helpful! They triumphed notwithstanding the absence of Luka Skuhala who actually fo...

10 Years Ago Today...'s Thumbnail

10 Years Ago Today...

FM MikeKlein 3 days ago

Ten years ago today, most of the world found out that former World Champion Bobby Fischer died. While he technically passed the evening before (on January 17, 2008), it wasn't until morning that all but his closest confidants heard the news. T...

Norway Gnomes Take Down Volga Stormbringers's Thumbnail

Norway Gnomes Take Down Volga Stormbringers

PROChessLeague 3 days ago

GM Magnus Carlsen leads the Gnomes to victory against the Stormbringers 10.5 - 5.5. Carlsen went undefeated 4-0, very impressive considering the fact that he's enjoying a rest day at the strong Tata Steel tournament. In the third round of the matc...

Estonia Horses Inch Out Riga Magicians's Thumbnail

Estonia Horses Inch Out Riga Magicians

PROChessLeague 3 days ago

It was a squeaker! The Estonia Horses inched out the Riga Magicians 8.5 to 7.5 in one of the closest matches of the day. Board one for the Horses, GM Alex Onischuk, had a tough day, with a total score of 1.5, but with a little help from his t...

Hottest 100 picks, 2017's Thumbnail

Hottest 100 picks, 2017

GM smurfo 4 days ago

It's that time of the year again when Australia hosts the world's largest online music poll. The publicly-funded radio station Triple J is known as the nation's left-leaning, youth-centred, commercial-free station for cool tunes, with the main gen...

The San Jose Hackers Are Back!'s Thumbnail

The San Jose Hackers Are Back!

IM hellokostya 4 days ago

Hey guys, the San Jose Hackers are back! Check out this quick preview featuring our team: Official Site: https://www.bayareachess.com/sanjosehackers/ 2018 Schedule and line-up: https://www.prochessleague.com/san-jose-hackers.html ...

Chasing the Grandmaster Title's Thumbnail

Chasing the Grandmaster Title

ChessBrah 4 days ago

As most of you know, grinding towards the GM title has been a personal and professional goal of mine for a very long time now. I became an International Master back in January 2013, and, since then, have always had my eyes set on becoming a Gran...

Win A One-Month Diamond Gift Membership!'s Thumbnail

Win A One-Month Diamond Gift Membership!

EOGuel 5 days ago

Hey, guys!  As many of you know, my family and I are planning on participating in the 2017 Texas Scholastic State Championships, and due to a large family and certain expenses, we are raising money for the trip. Therefore, I a...

Computers can also be Confused's Thumbnail

Computers can also be Confused

GM Ginger_GM 5 days ago

With the emergence of AlphaZero, humanity must be in serious danger. It is only a matter of time until such a program solves chess and eventually takes over the world, leaving us humans as there feeble pets or play things. Feeling a bit like Joh...


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