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Preparation day 7: Sharpening the Catalan's Thumbnail

Preparation day 7: Sharpening the Catalan

IM attilaturzo 12 hrs ago

Today I continued the improve my understanding of the Catalan with white. I studied the libes where black captures on c4 and keep the pawns, plus the line where he gives the check on b4 and goes back to e7 with the bishop.   Grandmaster Repertoi...

Preparation day 5: English with black, walking's Thumbnail

Preparation day 5: English with black, walking

IM attilaturzo 2 days ago

Today I solved a few checkmate puzzles and then started to search for study material against the english opening with black. I share a few checkmates: I found these books helpful:   Grandmaster Repertoire 3 - The English Opening vol. ...

Nona Gaprindashvili. Fighting for Equality's Thumbnail

Nona Gaprindashvili. Fighting for Equality

Spektrowski 2 days ago

A chapter from Nona Gaprindashvili's 1977 book I Prefer Risk. Many of her thoughts on women's chess still seem to be relevant even now, 40 years later. I've included some chess games to divide the wall of text somewhat. Fighting for Equal...

Ways to improve your play?'s Thumbnail

Ways to improve your play?

NM aww-rats 2 days ago

How to improve your play? I offered this question in my free video lessons course on YouTube nearly 4 years ago. My group rose to be the 2nd largest on chess.com. Anyway, my theory is if you ask 10 chess masters how to improve you're going to get ...

Shenzhen Masters 2017's Thumbnail

Shenzhen Masters 2017

GM alexcolovic 3 days ago

The slow start of the Shenzhen Masters was compensated with two excellent examples of bishop pair domination. I particularly found the second game eye-opening! Check the details at http://www.alexcolovic.com/2017/03/shenzhen-masters-20...

Student Becomes Youngest Master in U.S. History's Thumbnail

Student Becomes Youngest Master in U.S. History

GeniusKJ 3 days ago

On November 19th, 2016, Christopher Yoo, a former Prodigy Program student stunned the chess world. He became the youngest-ever chess master in American history at the age of 9 years, 11 months, and 0 days breaking the previous record by Max Lu and...

Preparation day 2: The fianchetto white repertoire's Thumbnail

Preparation day 2: The fianchetto white repertoire

IM attilaturzo 4 days ago

Today i started to review the fianchetto repertoire for white. I use the 2 great books from Boris Avrukh. I am really enjoying to review it. I plan to create much shorter version of the key ideas for a reminder and to use it for teaching. These...

Chess.com Dev Update - March 24, 2017's Thumbnail

Chess.com Dev Update - March 24, 2017

News 5 days ago

Hey Chess.com! This week was an exciting one for us with two big feature launches! Live Club Matches -  Check it out in our product launch blog post HERE!  We’re kicking this one off with a bang! Join us April 3rd at 1 PM PT...

Aprende a jugar el Gambito de Dama con negras's Thumbnail

Aprende a jugar el Gambito de Dama con negras

FM LuisFSiles 5 days ago

Construir un repertorio de aperturas no es tarea sencilla. Suelo recomendar a los principiantes que no dediquen demasiado tiempo a las aperturas y que jueguen la primera fase de la partida de ajedrez siguiendo sus leyes fundamentales (centro, desa...

Preparation day 1: Which openings will I play?'s Thumbnail

Preparation day 1: Which openings will I play?

IM attilaturzo 6 days ago

  I played and taught many different openings in the last 30 years. My goal for today was to decide which openings will I play in the tourney. I decided to use solid openings with both white and black and go for strategical positions where my ...

The Final Countdown! PCL Championship Weekend's Thumbnail

The Final Countdown! PCL Championship Weekend

shaun 6 days ago

This is it, the last dance is fast approaching, and twinkle toes Wesley So is not about to be put in the corner.   With dramatic chess on Saturday and Sunday, we will know the winner of the PCL before Monday.  But, if you wanted to kno...

How to find the best moves quickly?'s Thumbnail

How to find the best moves quickly?

GM LuckyTiger 6 days ago

  Preface by myself: There are many difficult (or rather unanswerable) questions that beginners or club players like to refer to GM's or coaches. How to find a good plan in the middlegames? How should I study chess? Or finally, how to become FM/I...

Comeback after 7 years's Thumbnail

Comeback after 7 years

IM attilaturzo 7 days ago

  After long thinking I decided to play again in an international tourney. I played a few team games in every year, but my last individual tourney was in 2010. I decided to give an another chance for me to give my best.  If it goes well, then...

2017 - Is this the year? :) (Part 2 out of 2)'s Thumbnail

2017 - Is this the year? :) (Part 2 out of 2)

NM HustleTime 7 days ago

Hi there   This is the Part 2 of the review covering my first couple of chess tournaments this year and illustrating all my struggles and sweats towards the ultimate goal! So in part 1 (which you see here) we off that I had scored 4 poin...

The Best Team?'s Thumbnail

The Best Team?

IM dpruess 8 days ago

After running numbers for the "Dream Teams" I turned my attention to the remaining teams, to see what their best lineups are, given how their players have performed so far this season. Despite following the league quite closely, I discovered a num...

Inspirational Quotes's Thumbnail

Inspirational Quotes

GM alexcolovic 8 days ago

I rarely find chess-related inspirational ones, mostly because I've read the most famous ones long ago. Here I present the more recent ones I've managed to find in different sources. Enjoy! http://www.alexcolovic.com/2017/03/inspirational-q...

How to find the best moves quickly?'s Thumbnail

How to find the best moves quickly?

IM JRgascon 9 days ago

Chess players often tell me that they can find the correct moves during home analysis, but they cannot find them during practical game-play. If given enough time, these players can find the best moves. The problem, however, is that in a real game ...

Shirov's brilliant move's Thumbnail

Shirov's brilliant move

GM LuckyTiger 9 days ago

What do you appreciate more of all in chess? There are many good points about our beloved game, but today I would say that I enjoy more of all the ideas - spectacular, unbelievable, extraordinary... Once you see something like this, you never forg...

Cuándo y cómo atacar al enroque enemigo's Thumbnail

Cuándo y cómo atacar al enroque enemigo

FM LuisFSiles 9 days ago

Existen muchos jugadores que piensan que siempre se debe atacar al rey enemigo. Parece lógico, puesto que si la finalidad del juego es conseguir jaque mate... ¡ataquemos al rey! Pero el ajedrez no funciona así. En realidad hay ...


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