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Italian, Two Knights Defense, Ulvestad Variation!?'s Thumbnail

Italian, Two Knights Defense, Ulvestad Variation!?

IndreRe 50 min ago

Sometimes the main line of an opening is really well known, but there is a secondary line which is very dangerous, unless your opponent knows the (often unintuitive) refutation. One example is the Ruy Lopez, Marshall Attack, Steiner Variation whic...

London Chess Classic 2017 Round-Up's Thumbnail

London Chess Classic 2017 Round-Up

GM alexcolovic 5 hrs ago

A round-up of the last classical elite tournament of the year. I am still shocked at what they failed to win... http://www.alexcolovic.com/2017/12/caruana-nepo-carlsen-win-london-2017/

What we can learn from AlfaZero?'s Thumbnail

What we can learn from AlfaZero?

GM Malev212 3 days ago

I like to discuss the fuss about AlfaZero. Some people, even chess players are praising it as something they never saw before and the authors behind AlfaZero wish to convey us that they created something which could learn chess in four hours an...

Concrete Problems, Part 1's Thumbnail

Concrete Problems, Part 1

chesster3145 4 days ago

    I have serious mixed feelings about the "two introductory paragraphs" requirement. So many times it keeps me from getting right to the point. But this time it gave me tons of material, so I can forgive it for now.   ...

Please Join Us For Our 100 Followers Celebration!!!'s Thumbnail

Please Join Us For Our 100 Followers Celebration!!!

EOGuel 4 days ago

Hello, guys! First off, I REALLY appreciate your support and enthusiasm for my posts. The comments don't say enough how excited I am. As mentioned earlier, once I get to 100 followers, we will have a bash. All of my followers are invited...

Levon Aronian Bandwagon's Thumbnail

Levon Aronian Bandwagon

EOGuel 8 days ago

As many of you know, the stage is set for the 2018 Candidates Tournament in Berlin, and all eight players have been selected to participate in this prestigious tournament. It appears that in a field of many strong players (Caruana, So, Mamedy...

The Secret of Chess?'s Thumbnail

The Secret of Chess?

GM smurfo 11 days ago

A couple of months ago, I received a curious email:   Hello, Mr. Smerdon, I recently published an innovative book on chess knowledge/evaluation, 'The Secret of Chess'.  It is written very much in the vein of Nimzovich's and Kmoch...

An insider's view on the Fide Grand Prix's Thumbnail

An insider's view on the Fide Grand Prix

GM SultanOfKings 14 days ago

The Fide Grand Prix of 2017 has come to an end, with Grischuk and Mamedyarov earning well-deserved spots in the Candidates tournament. I was lucky to get a spot in the series, and compete against the very best in the world. These are my thoughts o...

Do You Have This Problem Too?'s Thumbnail

Do You Have This Problem Too?

GM Illingworth 14 days ago

Do you find it difficult to use the range of chess resources effectively? Are you lost and confused for where to begin your chess training?  On Friday 1st December, I (GM Max Illingworth) will be presenting a free webinar on How to ...

Announcing 100 Followers Online Tournament's Thumbnail

Announcing 100 Followers Online Tournament

EOGuel 15 days ago

Hello, dear followers! I have a (somewhat) special announcement. Once I reach the magic number of chess.com followers (100), I will be hosting a brief online tournament to celebrate. Here is the format in a nutshell: Live chess.com. Fi...

Path To Chess Prosperity #8: An Update's Thumbnail

Path To Chess Prosperity #8: An Update

EOGuel 17 days ago

Hello, loyal readers! Well, as the title may hint, this post may be somewhat on the boring side. Or, it may be a little bit interesting (depending on the reader). Anyways, once again, I do not have tournament games to analyze/brag t...

Please Send Me Your Queries's Thumbnail

Please Send Me Your Queries

MiddlegamerUmesh 19 days ago

Hello Friends! In my last blog , which was part of the series Amateur Chronicles, I told you that I was going to concentrate on the problems faced by amateurs. In fact, I am an amateur myself and have many problems which could be highlig...

Some outtakes of my second book's Thumbnail

Some outtakes of my second book

FM like-a-hurricane 19 days ago

A few days ago I received the first batch of proofs of my manuscript which will quite soon result in the publication of my second book, Neumann, Hirschfeld and Suhle. 19th Century Berlin Chess Biographies with 711 Games.  In Septemb...

Amateur Chronicles : Introduction's Thumbnail

Amateur Chronicles : Introduction

MiddlegamerUmesh 19 days ago

Hello Everyone! I am back with a new series and as the title suggests, it is something related to amateurs. I will be focusing on the problems faced by many amateurs and club players. In fact, why do amateurs face problems? This is a very importan...


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