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Chess Martial Arts ad Music's Thumbnail

Chess Martial Arts ad Music

HipHopChess 4 hrs ago

Chess Martial Arts & Music  By: Adisa, The Bishop @realhiphopchess on Instagram  As the debates continue about the historic accuracy of Birth of the Dragon, no one debates the cultural impact of Bruce Lee. His roles as a ...

When All Hope Is Gone...'s Thumbnail

When All Hope Is Gone...

EOGuel 10 hrs ago

Black's toast in the below position, right? White is bearing down on g7, when the Rooks trade, Re8+ is coming, etc etc... looks pitiful right? White just played Rf1.

Quick Puzzles's Thumbnail

Quick Puzzles

GM Illingworth 20 hrs ago

Hello readers, here are a few quick puzzles, starting with a recent super-GM game. It is White to play in the position below: Below is a mini-study I constructed just now. White to play and win. As a bonus, I present a compos...

2017 Sudbury Fall Rapid's Thumbnail

2017 Sudbury Fall Rapid

NM ih8sens 1 day ago

The Sudbury Fall Rapid ended yesterday.  I was pleased to finish with a 6/6 score and clear first place by at least a point and a half. I've included the games with a few instructive notes. Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Because ...

Random pairings - is this going to be a thing?'s Thumbnail

Random pairings - is this going to be a thing?

GM SultanOfKings 2 days ago

We got some excitement in the world of chess on Friday! I was one of those who hadn't read the 2017 Chess.com Isle of Man regulations, and was taken aback by the announcement of Caruana-Kramnik as a 1st round pairing. Like most people, when f...

My Chess Preparation's Thumbnail

My Chess Preparation

Hello Chess Lovers! As the title suggests, in this blog, we are going to go through my preparation or an amateur's preparation plan for an upcoming tournament in my city next week. I am going to tell you guys my plans for preparation but thes...

Four Men Standing in Tbilisi's Thumbnail

Four Men Standing in Tbilisi

GM alexcolovic 5 days ago

Intriguing semi-finals with two very happy and two very sad players tomorrow after the tie-breaks. http://www.alexcolovic.com/2017/09/four-men-standing-tbilisi/

Path To Chess Prosperity #2: Reconstruction's Thumbnail

Path To Chess Prosperity #2: Reconstruction

EOGuel 6 days ago

Hi, guys. Sorry it's been so long! I have had some things come in the way of much blogging... including school!  ... and also due to an OTB chess tournament! Yes, I did compete in a tournament in Arlington Texas about a week and a half a...

A swindle that never was's Thumbnail

A swindle that never was

GM smurfo 7 days ago

I've started collecting chess swindles for a new book [so if you have any good ones, please send them to me!]. Over the weekend, I visited a great little weekender on the Gold Coast and saw first-hand a fantastic swindle take place - or, rather, n...

An Amazing Puzzle!'s Thumbnail

An Amazing Puzzle!

GM Ginger_GM 7 days ago

Just the other day I was fortunate enough to stumble across the following message on twitter:   At first glance this puzzle seems rather bland, but the more we venture down the rabbit hole, the greater and more beautiful it becomes. For a...

A Quick and Easy Petroff's Thumbnail

A Quick and Easy Petroff

GM alexcolovic 9 days ago

This time via video on my YouTube channel. Inspired by the folk in Tbilisi: http://www.alexcolovic.com/2017/09/quick-petroff-youtube-channel/

Check Your Tactics!'s Thumbnail

Check Your Tactics!

EOGuel 12 days ago

I will start posting a series of puzzles I saw and liked for you to solve! I will not initially state who's game it is. Could be anywhere from a Grandmaster game to one of my random blitz games!  White to play and win NOTE: Two...

Our First Simul!  (and his too...)'s Thumbnail

Our First Simul! (and his too...)

beth_thrasher 13 days ago

10 Year-Old Chess Whiz! This past week, the Wingfield H.S. Chess Team (in Jackson, Mississippi) hosted our first simultaneous exhibition.  We were overjoyed to have our buddy Ryan Wu (USCFR 1613) stop by to play the entire team.  It...

Fischer's Openings in Reykjavik's Thumbnail

Fischer's Openings in Reykjavik

GM alexcolovic 13 days ago

I am planning a series of posts on Fischer's opening strategy in Reykjavik so if you are into that sort of analysis sign up and enjoy your Saturday with Part 1! http://www.alexcolovic.com/2017/09/fischers-openings-reykjavik/

Chess Informant - A Kalashnikov to the Chess World's Thumbnail

Chess Informant - A Kalashnikov to the Chess World

GM Illingworth 14 days ago

If you haven't heard of Chess Informant, I can say with near-total certainty that you were born after 1966.  For it was in this year that the Yugoslav GM Aleksandar Matanović (with Milivoje Molerović) published the first issue ...

3rd Singapore Masters Blitz (Junior Edition)'s Thumbnail

3rd Singapore Masters Blitz (Junior Edition)

CM juniortay 16 days ago

The Singapore Masters Blitz series, a brainchild of Olimpiu Urcan, sets out to provide quality quickplay events for Singapore and locally based masters in terms of playing conditions and prize fund.  The first edition  had $1100 up for g...

Path To Chess Prosperity #1: Insanity On The Board's Thumbnail

Path To Chess Prosperity #1: Insanity On The Board

EOGuel 22 days ago

Hello, chess fans! Some of you may have seen my previous post where I openly expressed my desire for a successful chess future and laid out my weekly plan to consistently improve. Well, I was unable to accomplish all of my goals this week, though ...

Minnesota's Young Talents at World Youth 2017's Thumbnail

Minnesota's Young Talents at World Youth 2017

GM mauricioflores 22 days ago

Over the last two weeks, the youngest elite of the chess world gathered together in Brazil, to dispute the World Youth Chess Championship in the categories under 8, under 10, and under 12. Over the last several years, the state of Minnesota has ma...

Double Your Pleasure... with Four-Player Chess!'s Thumbnail

Double Your Pleasure... with Four-Player Chess!

News 25 days ago

As Erik announced a few days back, we've been at work on a bit of a passion project lately, and although it's still highly "experimental," our Four Player Chess server is available for the Chess.com community to try out! It's lots of fun, and...


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