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My New Video's Thumbnail

My New Video

GM alexcolovic 1 day ago

My new video is out here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUheQ-_8dz4 It's about possible Black reactions against the minority attack in the Carlsbad structure. Hope you enjoy it and find it useful!

Crazy Double King Hunt's Thumbnail

Crazy Double King Hunt

Spektrowski 2 days ago

As those who read my blog are aware, I sometimes actually play chess instead of translating some obscure Soviet books. Today I had probably the craziest game of my life.

Sinquefield Cup 2017 - French Glory's Thumbnail

Sinquefield Cup 2017 - French Glory

GM alexcolovic 3 days ago

Final analysis of the Sinquefield Cup. Vachier's last-round masterpiece, insights from Carlsen's use of intuition and Anand's brilliance among the most important points. Enjoy it here.

Perverse Incentives's Thumbnail

Perverse Incentives

GM smurfo 5 days ago

(Note: I often post about all sorts of things on my own blog, www.davidsmerdon.com, which gets cross-posted here. This is a non-chess post.) One of the cool things about studying economics is that it teaches a new and exciting way o...

Live Lesson with Karpov in August Prodigy Program!'s Thumbnail

Live Lesson with Karpov in August Prodigy Program!

GeniusKJ 6 days ago

Did you EVER think you could learn chess LIVE from 12th World Champion Anatoly Karpov from the leisure of your own home!? Do you want to study in online program that helped create the youngest-ever master in American history and is shattering r...

How Chess.com's 100-Person Virtual Team Works Together's Thumbnail

How Chess.com's 100-Person Virtual Team Works Together

erik 6 days ago

This month we finally hit 100 team members. Ummm, what? Why on earth would Chess.com have 100 people on staff? Fair question. And your follow-up might be, Wait, and you don’t have any offices? Anywhere? No, no we don’t. Then ho...

Chess.com Wins Journalism Awards's Thumbnail

Chess.com Wins Journalism Awards

News 8 days ago

Chess.com is proud to announce that its news team collected three prestigious Chess Journalists of America awards this year.  In the "Best Tournament Report - National/International - Online" category, FM Mike Klein was honored for his...

Watch Lessons From July 2017 Prodigy Program's Thumbnail

Watch Lessons From July 2017 Prodigy Program

GeniusKJ 8 days ago

Hello everybody!   Below are some free video recorded lessons from the July 2017 Prodigy Program. Be sure to watch the lesson(s) close to your rating level this week. Note online ratings tend to be inflated compared to the Elo ratings we ...

Fascinating Endgame Study's Thumbnail

Fascinating Endgame Study

NM Mr_Penings 11 days ago

I kinda forgot my promise of posting more "mini-blog" posts over the summer. But I haven't had much content to post, until now... The following endgame study is part of a practice game between nOcHeaTiNgKiD and I against Hanqi in a "team chess" ga...

Chess.com Dev Update: August 4, 2017's Thumbnail

Chess.com Dev Update: August 4, 2017

News 11 days ago

Hey Chess.com!  Been a big month! We've resolved well over 500 bugs, issues, and tasks which is no small feat for sure! Of course you all are the beneficiaries as we have really cool stuff to share! We'll start with our headline feature:...

Sinquefield Cup Scenes: 3 Leaders After 3 Rounds's Thumbnail

Sinquefield Cup Scenes: 3 Leaders After 3 Rounds

EOGuel 11 days ago

The 2017 Sinquefield Cup is what we have waited for all year... and it is only heating up. We see Magnus Carlsen dispatch his former World Championship rival Sergey Karjakin right after time control while Fabiano Caruana delivers a 110-move victor...

Blitz Chess #399: Benoni Defense's Thumbnail

Blitz Chess #399: Benoni Defense

NM ChessNetwork 14 days ago

When you play the Benoni, you will experience a lack of space, and an imbalanced pawn structure. A good strategy for black is to seek at least 1 minor piece exchange in order to be able to move about more freely within the limited space. Given tim...

The Move ...g5 In The Sicilian's Thumbnail

The Move ...g5 In The Sicilian

GM alexcolovic 15 days ago

I'm talking not so much about the move (which occurred as early as move 4!) but more about feeling your inner state and making decisions and opening choices accordingly. http://www.alexcolovic.com/2017/07/move-g5-sicilian/

All boxed up's Thumbnail

All boxed up

GM smurfo 15 days ago

When you play often enough on an online chess server, you start to see the same usernames popping up as your opponents. It makes for a weird social network. I recall a story where some Australian chess players met the famous Hikaru Nakamura at a t...

Playing on the Queenside: When Your King is in Danger's Thumbnail

Playing on the Queenside: When Your King is in Danger

EOGuel 15 days ago

Hello! Welcome to my second installment on playing actively on the Queenside. I hope you enjoyed the first. This will likely be my last because the Sinquefield Cup is coming up, and I may blog a little bit about that. Anyways, if I could...

Fight Goes On Even After Getting A Piece Up's Thumbnail

Fight Goes On Even After Getting A Piece Up

New practice: I'll start posting CAPS scores on every game I play and blog about. In both of the last two games I played at the Slow Chess League, I got a piece up quite early in the game. But although I carried the material advantage over into ...


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