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ArnesonStidgeley's Blog

    • Coffee House chess with Sam

      Bible, prayer, household finance and... a G5/2 game with a fellow chess.com member: fun times at Asssociation Coffee - a purveyor of quality, over-priced branded coffee in the City of London. | Read More

    • First win against a titled player

      It was just a friendly - but it is still a milestone. Going over it with an engine identified two major White blunders - in successive moves - after which it really was all over. | Read More

    • How Good is Your Chess?

      I shall use this with my students. | Read More

    • The differential widens

      Am I approaching a chess.com record? The difference between my Blitz and Online ratings is almost 600 points. I was pleased to break 2000 online, while my Blitz game (apparently) continues to deteriorate. Is this because Blitz is a measure of yo... | Read More

    • Another Bird (almost) killed

      ...and I thought it was a great sacrifice on move 19 - but there was something much simpler and much better. | Read More

    • Blindfold with a student

      After church today, I played this blindfold game against Sam, one of my ten-year old students. This was his second full blindfold game. see http://www.chess.com/forum/view/general/blindfold-chess-play----memoir for more on blindfold chess. | Read More

    • Karpov Korchnoi's '74 Dragon revisited - revisited

      After nearly 40 years I am returning to a game where I followed Karpov Korchnoi for the first 20 moves - and then my 176 BCF opponent unleashed a TN. Does this resurrect the whole variation? No it doesn't. | Read More

    • My chess backstory

      A friend asked me how I started playing chess and how I got into coaching. Here's the answer.   I started playing when I was eight - but I can't remember what actually got me started. I read Bott & Morrison's 'Chess for Children' (and I would... | Read More

    • An unsound (but brutal) attack

      Moaz, my regular lunchtime opponent, allowed me to win this nice game today. Houdini then showed me all the mistakes (cheers). | Read More

    • The Last Round

      A great piece of chess fiction. See http://www.wtharvey.com/lastrd.html | Read More