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Stick To Your Guns.

A recent game that I played on the site www.chessmaniac.com.  A good example of the power of using the Q in conjunction with Ns and an illustration of the importance of sticking to the plan of attack once initiated.   I never felt like I was winning this game until right at the end when black played 22... Qxh1+ but I resolved to continue with the attack that began with 10.Bxh7+ come what may.  I kept reminding myself that sticking to my guns was my best, possibly only chance to win.  It certainly lead to a very exciting, somewhat nerve wracking encounter - jm (Bogor)



  • 5 years ago


    not bad,

    i also used to play on chessmaniac.com, but crossed over to this site, because it feels like this site has a better atmosphere.

    somehow i find that of all the chess sites that are out there, the people on chessmaniac play the most weirdest systems :D

  • 5 years ago


    Very interesting game, thanks for sharing.  Tell everyone back at Fire & Ice I said hi.

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