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"Think and play"

Hi friends .. This blog is about the matter we usually do.. i.e As my senior and experienced player Mr.Kavanam sir shared a message.. that message is there are two type of players 1.Think and play players and

2.play & think players.

First type of players are IM and GM.

Second type of players are intermediate players.

Often I was second type. So I thought to play 10 min rather than 3 min and 5 min game. Sometimes I play moves without thinking and then I will decide and plan according to the situation. But not all the time I won that game. So I shifted my focus towards 10 min game. And so I got enough time to think and I played more games. What I have noticed is I could plan and win the games by thinking and then playing.. So I got improved my rating from 1350 to 1450.. Thanks to Mr.Kavanam sir Smile. So I will post one game ..




  • 19 months ago


    same opening for this game too!!!Laughing

  • 19 months ago


    okay bala... opponent enna move pannalum nan intha opening tha aaduven...tactics  improve panren... ravi anna yetho comment panitu delete panitare?? yen??

  • 19 months ago


    Nalla aadirukka Bharath. Unakku opening ethuvum theriyala, parava illa, aana konjam konjama tactics'a maempaduthikko. Aaramba nilaiyil athu thaan mukkiyam. 

  • 19 months ago


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