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    • Funniest Chess Quote

      You'd be surprised how often I hear this: "I don't have a rating but I play at master strength." | Read More

      • KingLeopold
      • | Feb 18, 2013
    • Merry Christmas

      Merry Christmas Everyone and May God Bless You! | Read More

    • Loser

      I'm on a serious loosing streak | Read More

    • Thanksgiving

      Happy Thanksgiving everyone! | Read More

    • A Nice Crush of My Opponent’s French Defense | Read More

      • KingLeopold
      • | Nov 13, 2011
    • Lessons Continued

      I am suprised at the amount of games requests I have gotten since my last post. I don't mind and am a bit overwhelmed at the amount of requests from me a childrens chess coach. Thanks you. Right now I've got 50 games going, probable my max. As I ... | Read More

    • Lessons

      I've had a lot of poeple ask me about doing lessons over the internet. The best way for me to do this is to: 1. Challenage me to play a game. 2. Make sure the game is set as unrated. 3. Give yourself a long time control in case you frget to lon... | Read More

    • Happy Easter

      Happy Easter | Read More

    • Lacrimosa-Cardona

      (Originally posted on my blog at The other night at the Emporium, Coach Liulia Cardona was waiting for her private lesson student to show when I offer her a game while she waited. But before we begin, let me st... | Read More

    • Nimzowitsch Defense Games

      2 new games posted on my blog last night | Read More