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Manu-Trainer’s Blog

CHESS via Mind Training

    • Gorey Chess Captain's analyst...

      Cogitations of a Canine on a Chess game                                              I sit and lie and wonder why                                           ... | Read More

    • Past giving way to future...

      The past = Manuel GARDENES = Trainer during a training GAMe, resigning, giving way to The future = Dylan FOLEY = Jnr. Trainee nature being so wise... | Read More

    • Tailor-made TUTORIALS plus DEMOs!!

      Tailor-made TUTORIALS plus DEMOs as well as SYStem repertoire, personalised training programmes, Mix Strategies (universal ones) and so on and so forth... for around 5 € !! Regarding CHESS, Mind Training, Decision Making... etc. | Read More

    • Micheál KENNEDY 2nd. in Gorey Chess Champ.!!

      Micheál KENNEDY, our Jnr. TAL, achieved shared 2nd. position in Gorey Chess Cahmp. 2014 with such a cogent logic as if he already was an experienced player! As his Trainer it is a real shocker... I did not expect it... So proud to help out su... | Read More

    • John LACY 1st. in Gorey Chess Champ.!

      John LACY, our most dangerous Snr. player, achieved 100% PERFOrmance with full Ctrl. during Gorey Chess Champ. 2014, so we have a new local champ.! Long live the champ... | Read More

    • Evan BYRNE 2nd. in Gorey Chess Champ.!!

      Evan BYRNE, 'the hammer of the adults', against all odds, achieved 2nd. place in Gorey Chess Champ. 2014 among the rest of experienced adult players...!! Feeling so honoured plus delighted about such surprise! Once more, I am privileged to tra... | Read More

    • Bray Rapid 2014 report...

      Bray rapid report with video, images plus REMarks... http://www.irishchesscogitations.com/blog/juri-firstov-wins-bray-rapid/ | Read More

    • Things that happen when finished...

      Things that happen when you are finished... http://vimeo.com/99542098 | Read More

    • David REMENYIK...

      David REMENYIK, our Jnr. phenomenon, was not very focused, looking other GAMes instead of fully concentrating... David, David, David... CHESS is most demanding sport!! Very much like a tower of cards, you might play 39 perfect moves but a s... | Read More

    • Paul TIERNEY...

      Paul TIERNEY, our Snr. promiste with Jnr. spirit, was 'last man standing', very much like in Westerns... | Read More