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Manu-Trainer’s Blog

CHESS via Mind Training

    • World Mind Games online Champ.!?

      World 'Mind Games' online Tournament !? Feel free to follow or REGister... Most useful for 'Mind Training' purposes... See official link: www.onlinewmg.com See tournament rules on: http://www.chess.com/article/view/official-2014-mind-games-t... | Read More

    • John LACY in Irish Veterans Champ.!!

      John LACY, nowadays Gorey Chess Champ., has REGistered for the 'Irish Veterans Champ.'. We do feel extremely proud that a Gorey Snr. player represents us in such important competition. Wishing all the best to our Snr. promise!! Seamus HALPE... | Read More

    • Wexford Chess exhibition...!?

      Gorey Guardian - Tuesday, September 16, 2014 by Maria PEPPER (corrected by myself) CHESS players will have a chance to test their skills at an exhibition taking place in the Talbot Hotel on Wednesday, September 24. 2 internationally-rated playe... | Read More

    • Aindreas HEAPHY blindfold RECord !!

      Aindreas HEAPHY new blindfold CHESS RECord = 20 moves !! | Read More

    • Evan BYRNE drawing vs Trainer!!

      Most meretricious draw of Evan BYRNE vs myself in 1st. round of personal match to the best of 3 GAMes!! Manuel GARDENES (blindfold) vs Evan BYRNE - 2 Sep. 2014 1st. match (best of 3)   1.e4 g6 Long diagonal Ctrl. 2.Bc4 d6 Setting P chain so as ... | Read More

    • Tailor-made TUTORIALS plus DEMOs!!

      Tailor-made TUTORIALS plus DEMOs as well as SYStem repertoire, personalised training programmes, Mix Strategies (universal ones) and so on and so forth... for around 5 € !! Regarding CHESS, Mind Training, Decision Making... etc. | Read More

    • Opening Ctrl.

      Opening Ctrl.= Centre Ctrl.+ Outpost Ctrl.+ Piece coordination!! 1st. Centre Ctrl.= Most advanced P 'superprotection'! 2nd. Outpost Ctrl.= Piece convergence on outposts! 3rd. Piece coordination = Piece linking and convergence | Read More

    • K's opposition

      K's opposition = K+P vs K = K in front P wins ELSE draw Mind Training approach = VISualize opposition since beginning!! X-ray ENDing since opening! X-ray ENDing during middle GAMe in critical positions! Scan P structure TarGeTing K's entry poi... | Read More

    • Gorey Chess Captain's analyst...

      Cogitations of a Canine on a Chess game                                              I sit and lie and wonder why                                           ... | Read More

    • Past giving way to future...

      The past = Manuel GARDENES = Trainer during a training GAMe, resigning, giving way to The future = Dylan FOLEY = Jnr. Trainee nature being so wise... | Read More