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Manu-Trainer’s Blog

CHESS via Mind Training

    • John LACY 3rd. in IRL Veterans Champ.!

      John LACY, nowadays Gorey Champ., came 3rd. in Irish Veterans Champ. 2014!! Bronze for him plus honours to Gorey Chess Club... So proud to have trained him for such an event... | Read More

    • World Mind Games online Champ.!?

      World 'Mind Games' online Tournament !? Feel free to follow or REGister... Most useful for 'Mind Training' purposes... See official link: www.onlinewmg.com See tournament rules on: http://www.chess.com/article/view/official-2014-mind-games-t... | Read More

    • John LACY in Irish Veterans Champ.!!

      John LACY, nowadays Gorey Chess Champ., has REGistered for the 'Irish Veterans Champ.'. We do feel extremely proud that a Gorey Snr. player represents us in such important competition. Wishing all the best to our Snr. promise!! Seamus HALPE... | Read More

    • Wexford Chess exhibition...!?

      Gorey Guardian - Tuesday, September 16, 2014 by Maria PEPPER (corrected by myself) CHESS players will have a chance to test their skills at an exhibition taking place in the Talbot Hotel on Wednesday, September 24. 2 internationally-rated playe... | Read More

    • Aindreas HEAPHY blindfold RECord !!

      Aindreas HEAPHY new blindfold CHESS RECord = 20 moves !! | Read More

    • Evan BYRNE drawing vs Trainer!!

      Most meretricious draw of Evan BYRNE vs myself in 1st. round of personal match to the best of 3 GAMes!! Manuel GARDENES (blindfold) vs Evan BYRNE - 2 Sep. 2014 1st. match (best of 3)   1.e4 g6 Long diagonal Ctrl. 2.Bc4 d6 Setting P chain so as ... | Read More

    • Tailor-made TUTORIALS plus DEMOs!!

      Tailor-made TUTORIALS plus DEMOs as well as SYStem repertoire, personalised training programmes, Mix Strategies (universal ones) and so on and so forth... for around 5 € !! Regarding CHESS, Mind Training, Decision Making... etc. | Read More

    • Opening Ctrl.

      Opening Ctrl.= Centre Ctrl.+ Outpost Ctrl.+ Piece coordination!! 1st. Centre Ctrl.= Most advanced P 'superprotection'! 2nd. Outpost Ctrl.= Piece convergence on outposts! 3rd. Piece coordination = Piece linking and convergence | Read More

    • K's opposition

      K's opposition = K+P vs K = K in front P wins ELSE draw Mind Training approach = VISualize opposition since beginning!! X-ray ENDing since opening! X-ray ENDing during middle GAMe in critical positions! Scan P structure TarGeTing K's entry poi... | Read More

    • Gorey Chess Captain's analyst...

      Cogitations of a Canine on a Chess game                                              I sit and lie and wonder why                                           ... | Read More