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Marauder21's Blog

    • %&$# Reading!

      Well, I've given up on reading. In all those books, I start to follow along and try to understand what the book is trying to tell me but once it starts to get into something like "22. Nf6 would lead to 22... Bh2 followed by..." I jus... | Read More

      • Marauder21
      • | Oct 12, 2007
    • First win

      I got two more books from the library, Standard Chess Openings and Unorthodox Chess Openings. I don't intend to reading either of them all the way through, but instead to use them as reference whenever I start a new game. I won my fi... | Read More

      • Marauder21
      • | Aug 30, 2007
      • | 1 comment
    • some reading to do...

      This blog is for myself. I'm keeping it for personal use, but everyone is welcome to read it, not that anyone will. When I started playing poker a few years I kept a blog to track how well I was learning, so hopefully this blog will offer me t... | Read More

      • Marauder21
      • | Aug 22, 2007