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Joan of Arc Memorial, Round 3

Dan always picks colorful names for the monthly UM Campus tournaments. True to her memory, this month we commemorate 600 years of Joan of Arc with the ultimate game of war and inspiration, chess!

Incidentally, Wikipedia reveals that chess gained the queen with its modern movement in France, Spain, or Italy around the time of Joan's life. The new variant was first called "Queen Chess" or "Mad Queen Chess."

A dynamic female leader with divine visions of previously impossible checkmates emerging alongside The Maid of Orleans during the time of her greatest triumphs... coincidence?



  • 2 years ago


    ALSO, the way you preface the games is humorous and much appreciated.  When I get better settled in here, I'll be sure to send some games your way... lately I've been playing baaaaad chess though :/

  • 2 years ago


    Wow that was quick! haha, careful though, Rajala can be a wild card. Hope all is well man!  Let's play sometime soon!!!!

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