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Chickening out...

This game comes from the first round of the 2012 Electronic Knights tournament. My current correspondence rating is still in the C class, although I am very close to the B class. Alot of that had to do with establishing my rating at 800 when I was in high school and, by the nature of correspodence chess, it takes a while for an improving players' strength to show.

My opponent in this game is an expert. The group I drew was very rough with two experts, two A players, a B player, and an unrated. I was going to have to play lights out to score the 4½ our of six needed to advance. I felt I carried the play most of this game and probably had a slight advantage when I offered the draw. I know.... I know..... CHICKEN!!!


  • 2 years ago



    LOL...still well done though.

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