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R. Fischer VS S. Reshevsky 16 Game Match 1961 (Round 4)

Continuing with the famous 1961 “16 Game Match” organized by Jacqueline Piatigorsky between Sammy Reshevsky and Bobby Fischer, this is Round 4. 


  • 3 years ago


    I think the reason that after 14. 0-0-0  Qxc3  That Fisher didn't take the rook with 15. Qxa8  is probably because of: 15. Qxa8 Qxa1+  16. Kd2 Rd8+  17. Qd5 Rxd5   -or-  Maybe leading to mate: 15. Qxa8 Qxa1+  16. Kd2 Qa5+  17. c3 Qa2+  18. Ke1 Ba6 ....looking at mate

  • 3 years ago


    #14....Qc3,Qxr ?

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