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Road to 2000

1200-2000 in less than three years...

    • Studying the Classics: 1889 WCC

      Good time of day to you my chess friends, While I know it has been quite some time since I last updated any interesting material on this blog that was not related to some recent tournament in which I competed, I would like to return to more study... | Read More

    • My World Open: Fireworks and Falling Short

      Good time of day to you my dear chess friends, As promised in my last post on analysis in the Scandinavian, I am here to day to bring you some analysis of interesting games and positions from my games at the World Open U2000 played during the fou... | Read More

    • Recent Studies: How to Handle the Scandinavian

      Good time of day to you my dear chess friends,        I still need to make a post for the 2014 World Open which took place on the 4th of July Weekend in Arlington, VA, where I finished with  6/9 (quite disappointing). In the meantime, here... | Read More

    • One Lucky Step Closer: Chicago Open 2014

      It's been awhile since my last tournament (October of last year), and I expected going in to the Chicago Open this year to be completely out of form.  My only "training" was in the week prior to the event, when I did a few hours of tactics traini... | Read More

    • King's Tournament 2013 Round 1: Grunfeld Fights Back!

        Hello all! Here is a game from round 1 of the King's Tournament which is currently active where Caruana starts off with a win as black in the Grunfeld.  He takes on the 5.h4 topic variation with a very principled approach, perhaps invent... | Read More

    • Clash of Titans: 1929 WCC Match and the Birth of Modern Chess

      It is often understood that chess has evolved in a very linear progression since the beginning of its recorded history.  A plethora of books discuss the very clean advance from the era of the 'Romantics' (Morphy and the Andersson-Steinitz match c... | Read More

    • My US Open: Lessons Learned the Hard Way

      Hello everyone.  I recently competed in 2013 US Open held in Middleton, Wisconsin (although advertised in Madison).  It was fun to play in such a large and competitive tournament so close to home (I am from Milwaukee).  I met many strong player... | Read More

    • Positional Domination: Bruzon-Mikhalevski 2013 Edmonton

      In the ongoing Edmonton International there have been some recent developments of great interest.  I have been following some of the games as there are some very strong players competing.  They have made for a great subject of study to help me ... | Read More

    • Finally Class A: 2013 Chicago Open and Update

      Hello All!  It's been some time since I last made a blog post on my progress towards my goal of becoming an expert in the next two years.  I've almost reached the half-way point (starting out as a 13XX rated player in the Fall of my first year a... | Read More

    • Journey Into the Dark: My Blindfold Training

      I have been playing blindfold games at my dorm for chess training since last year around this time (I'm now a second year at the University of Chicago).  Even before that, when I was a beginner in my senior year of high school I would play blindf... | Read More