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Road to 2000

1200-2000 in less than three years...

    • King's Tournament 2013 Round 1: Grunfeld Fights Back!

        Hello all! Here is a game from round 1 of the King's Tournament which is currently active where Caruana starts off with a win as black in the Grunfeld.  He takes on the 5.h4 topic variation with a very principled approach, perhaps invent... | Read More

    • Clash of Titans: 1929 WCC Match and the Birth of Modern Chess

      It is often understood that chess has evolved in a very linear progression since the beginning of its recorded history.  A plethora of books discuss the very clean advance from the era of the 'Romantics' (Morphy and the Andersson-Steinitz match c... | Read More

    • My US Open: Lessons Learned the Hard Way

      Hello everyone.  I recently competed in 2013 US Open held in Middleton, Wisconsin (although advertised in Madison).  It was fun to play in such a large and competitive tournament so close to home (I am from Milwaukee).  I met many strong player... | Read More

    • Positional Domination: Bruzon-Mikhalevski 2013 Edmonton

      In the ongoing Edmonton International there have been some recent developments of great interest.  I have been following some of the games as there are some very strong players competing.  They have made for a great subject of study to help me ... | Read More

    • Finally Class A: 2013 Chicago Open and Update

      Hello All!  It's been some time since I last made a blog post on my progress towards my goal of becoming an expert in the next two years.  I've almost reached the half-way point (starting out as a 13XX rated player in the Fall of my first year a... | Read More

    • Journey Into the Dark: My Blindfold Training

      I have been playing blindfold games at my dorm for chess training since last year around this time (I'm now a second year at the University of Chicago).  Even before that, when I was a beginner in my senior year of high school I would play blindf... | Read More

    • My Sweltering Muggy Summer Swiss

      Hello again, everyone.  I hope you all are having a pleasant summer.  In Milwaukee, WI, where I have been spending my time lately, it has been an unusually hot summer so far, with several back to back days breaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit! Unfor... | Read More

    • Giant Chess Extravaganza: A shocker!

      Hello again!  During finals week at the UofC, the Uncommon Fund sponsored a student initiative to bring giant chess pieces to the University.  I was lucky enough to get to play on it for a while.  It is quite a different experience from regular... | Read More

    • The Chicago Open U1700 Part 3

      In my last installment, I left off after my win in round 4 on the white end of an advanced caro with a cute pawn sac and an aesthetic finish in a king pawn ending.  As promised, a note on the tournament standings at this point.  I was very excit... | Read More

    • The Chicago Open U1700 Part 2

      Sorry for the delay on posting the results for the remainder of my tournament.  I've been busy with final exams, but now that I'm done I'm ready to head back into studying chess and reporting my progress.   Rounds two and three of the first day... | Read More